Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Black Cultural Ambassadorship

By Michael C. Scott
October 15, 2012
American Renaissance

African behavior is why the US military presence on Okinawa is hated so much.

One of my neighbors is military, and was stationed on Okinawa. The locals were unremittingly hostile. I was loaned for a summer to a Japanese chemical company on Honshu, in Saitama Prefecture , nowhere near a US base, and the locals were so nice it was actually embarrassing.

Remember the 1990s gang rape of a 12 year-old girl on Okinawa? The perps were all black. Four of them met in a bar and talked about abducting a gal. One decided he wouldn't have anything to do with it. Three rented a car, snatched a girl off the street and drove her out to the boondocks where they stripped her. One of them realized she was very young and so didn't rape her. The other two did. Thus of the four blacks involved in the original plan, 50% were willing to rape a little girl.

Have you seen those metal cage things that extend high up above the sidewalks on US highway overpasses? They're to prevent people (blacks) from throwing heavy objects onto traffic moving below. They didn't used to have them in Germany. A group of black "youfs", US military dependants killed a beautiful blond German gal by dropping a concrete block through the windshield of her car.

Iraqi militants during our counter-insurgency campaign there admitted they frequently abandoned ambushes when they didn't see any black US servicemen they could kill. This is one of those things that makes one go "Hmmmmm."

In Moscow, the old communist government built a university named for Congolese African Marxist Patrice Lamumba. The locals used to joke that it had been built by the CIA to make Russians hate blacks.

There was an anti-African race riot in Nanjing, China when I was there in 1987. Too many rapes by black university "students" of the local women and girls.

They're always out to make themselves popular, everywhere they go.


Anonymous said...

African "student" rapists were causing race riots in China as far back as the 1960s. They were not publicized at the time, but my parents know people who saw them happen after Africans raped local women.

Anonymous said...

The dropping of concrete blocks off overpasses onto cars was happening in Nashville, Tennessee some years ago. When you drive through Nashville by interstate, you will see the barriers overhead.

David In TN

Anonymous said...

A buddy of mine was stationed in Okinawa for a while and found the locals to be actually quite nice if they got to know you a little, realized you were a decnt person and not a social lout. If he was around any blsck servicemen though the locals would never warm up, problem was all the black guys in the service brought their typical socially inappropriate thug image entitled behavior from america, sure a lot of black women like that and some white women but that crap just doesn't fly with asian women, these guys just never could figure out why asian chicks didn't like them and attributed it to "racism", like in america they couldn't take responsibility for their inappropriate behavior and lack of self awareness.

Anonymous said...

Cave of the Negroes incident