Sunday, October 14, 2012

Racist, KC Star DNC Propagandist Mary Sanchez Brags That American Whites’ Days are Numbered, While Calling on Them to Embrace Their Own Destruction, and Failing to Explain Who Will Pay the Bill for Her New, Non-White Nation, or: Die, Whitey, Die, Version MMMDLIX

By Nicholas Stix

Racist Kansas City Star propagandist Mary Sanchez writes like a Republican Party consultant which, for all I know, she may well be. But for all her racist, revanchist celebrating, she fails to see that what she is bragging about—the disenfranchisement and dispossession of white Americans from their own country—is for a clear-eyed, white reader, a call to arms. No sensible person, upon seeing a hurricane coming, stands on the beach to greet it. He protects himself from it.

Likewise, a rational person who sees a coming demographic inundation seeks to stop it, not to greet it. Giving more power now to blacks and Hispanics is like handing over the family firearm to a burglar. The sane homeowner will shoot him dead.

It’s not like we haven’t already been there, done that. During the 1960s, Blacks destroyed one great American city after another, each of which had been built from scratch by whites. Blacks had made no contribution whatsoever to creating the immense wealth they so rapidly destroyed. Hispanics have likewise made no contribution to the wealth they are now busy destroying.

Note that there is nothing new in Sanchez’ rant; it is DNC boilerplate that the Party’s leftwing mouthpieces have been mindlessly repeating for years. Frank Rich used to write one column after another for the New York Times that simply rehashed the same racist attitude.

As I’ve said before, demography may be destiny, but a free people chooses its own demography.

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A Memo to Republicans: Demography is Destiny
By Mary Sanchez
September 10, 2012
The Kansas City Star

Having watched the two national party conventions, I will venture to make a controversial prediction:

The future of America looks like the people seated at the Democratic National Convention. America’s past — or at least the gauzy idealization of it that some hold dear — resembles the racial and ethnic makeup of the crowd gathered at the Republican National Convention.

Forget the pundits, the surrogates and the spin doctors blathering about which party’s message will hit home with voters.

From the perspective of millions of Americans who watched the conventions on television, the difference between the parties was striking. At the Democratic convention, the higher range of diversity was genuine, not scripted. No one was strategically placing a few people of darker hues within range of the camera, or drafting them to stand on stage and give a hearty handshake to a candidate.

African-American, Hispanic and Asian viewers could see ample reflections of themselves in the DNC audience. The reaction was visceral, the sort of emotional pull that often drives votes.

A longtime source for stories took to Facebook to post her feelings, which others echoed: “When I looked at the GOP crowd, I didn’t see any diversity. Just one type of person. When I look at Democratic Convention, I saw myself in so many faces. This is the party of the future.”

This is a numbers reality. Demographics don’t lie.

By 2050, the United States will have a minority-majority population. That is well within the lifetime of many of today’s voters.

Two demographic trends are at play: The majority white population, many of them baby boomers, is aging. And growing racial minorities are statistically more likely to be younger, and therefore still in their childbearing years.

Last year, the U.S. hit a historic marker. Births to Hispanics, African-Americans, Asians and other minorities edged ahead of those to non-Hispanic whites. [Asians?! Asians are not your friends, Sanchez! And you don’t like them, either. All of the hatred you feel towards whites, you feel towards high-IQ, law-abiding, hard-working Asians, as well.] Births among minorities were actually down by nearly 6 percent from the previous year, according to census data. But that factor was offset by the even larger drop in births, more than 10 percent, among non-Hispanic white people.

That means heady changes for the nation are coming. It will take decades, but eventually these shifts will affect educational institutions, the workforce and government.

White voters, especially diligently voting seniors, will remain an important force in politics. But they will have to share power and influence.

[Actually, what has happened is that since the 1950s, wealthy, powerful whites have impoverished and disenfranchised middle and lower-class whites, and given their portion to first blacks, and then blacks and Hispanics, who just take, take, take, and destroy, which is why the country has been going down the tubes. Most whites have nothing to share. And everywhere that powerful whites “shared” power with blacks, starting with Detroit, the blacks simply used their share as a wedge to get in the door, take over, and utterly destroy the city.]

Whether demographic changes will work to Barack Obama’s advantage this year is a subject of much debate. The numbers of eligible voters in any one racial or ethnic group is one thing. How many show up at the polls is another. Among Hispanics, almost half [sic] of those who are eligible don’t vote.

But looking a decade and more into the future, it seems beyond dispute that Republicans will have to start appealing to nonwhite swaths of America if they hope to compete for the presidency. In fact, this could be the last election where it is possible to stick to the old playbook.

[Republicans have been pandering to their non-white enemies for years. It was just such pandering that won the election for “Obama” in 2008.]

Yes, people of every race and ethnicity were present at the GOP convention. However, a Herman Cain here and a Marco Rubio there won’t do the trick. In Charlotte, network cameras couldn’t focus on one face without also capturing three, four, five more people of different hues in close proximity.

[During the Republican Convention, MSM cameras deliberately avoided showing non-white faces; during the Democratic Convention, they deliberately focused on non-whites. In any event, how will turning over the GOP to non-whites help it? The very blacks and Hispanics the GOP has pandered to in recent years betrayed it, especially all those “conservative” and “moderate” blacks, like J.C. Watts, Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, Armstrong Williams, John McWhorter and Glenn Loury.]

This is how America is really shaded and will be increasingly so in the future.

This is about more than visuals at a party convention. It’s about who is at the table within each political party when decisions are made. The people who don’t have a seat find their perspectives and interests left out.

[What blacks support whites?]

One party appeals to a broad range of Americans in all their diversity, and seeks to draw them in and unify them. [Ridiculous. The Democrats are the party of racial genocide.] The other only makes gestures in that direction, while selling a message of fear to the nervous white majority. [This GOP-promotes-fear trope was a cliché a generation ago.]

Which party is heading in the same direction as the nation? [Both, unfortunately.] And which can deliver on its promises of prosperity, opportunity and justice for all? [Neither.]

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Anonymous said...

Have no fear, before any of Sanchez's crazy race driven dreams are realized civil war put an end to it.

The non-whites aren't interested in control so much, they are hell bent on sticking it to whitey and making whitey their slaves.

Their dreams are clashing with our culture in major ways, though those reading the MSM wouldn't know of it other than what's happening right in front of them, and that's plenty enough.

It's clear to anyone who has any wits at all that everything necessary for a civil war has been constructed by those pushing "diversity".

The blacks have failed to assimilate for hundreds of years and have descended back into savagery, Hispanics have no desire to assimilate and the establishment makes every effort to discourage assimilation.

Both major political parties and almost all third party options are all for letting this madness continue as if everything is going to work out magically sometime tomorrow.

The only magic that will correct the madness that has been unleashed upon us is the instinct for survival which will result in civil war.

When it comes time to assign the blame, almost every single person who has been in any position of power in the last 50 years is guilty no matter what their "intentions" were for supporting this attempted suicide run.

All the lefties and other wimps who will refuse to fight when the time comes are more than welcome to get caught up in and cut up from the wheels of diversity when it starts showing its ugly head in reality and totality for all to see, no longer masked or hidden by a sympathetic media and government.

I have been upset for many years watching this lunacy grow around us and get worse with each passing day. I see where this and going and how ugly and bloody its going to end with.

I used to get sick thinking about the tremendous loss of life coming, and the loss of life we have already suffered as a result of the leftist efforts in the last 50 years.

What is coming is inevitable as no effort of any kind has been sufficient to stop the machinations of the left, especially since the so-called right has been in lock step with them all along.

No effort that materializes now can muster sufficient strength to stop the tsunami of "diversity", it is here and more is coming.

Violent bloody civil war is not only coming but well underway now, it's going to get much, much worse.

Ironically, I see things more optimistically now, even fully realizing that by accepting what's in store for us will be no less bloody or violent.

I see that we are in the grip of the modern equivalent of the black plague. The poisonous ideas of this plague will result in horrific casualties yet.

But like the black plague, the strong survive and move on. The weak need to be culled from our midst, they are what has allowed this, they have brought the plague down upon us because of their cowardice and complicity.

I say, bring it on. Bring it on.

Anonymous said...

One of the first things blacks and hispanics do is loot the treasury of any city, town, or state they seize. Barry Soetero aka Obama has looted the treasury, the wealth of present day Whites and their progeny for generations to come. Barry has transferred his ill gotten gain to himself and to others like himself. Barry has also destroyed the productive resources of this country to the point that even after Barry is gone it will be a hard task to regain any kind of wealth here.
The hispanics and blacks are all busy changing names of streets, buildings, parks, etc to names like Willie Green Ave, Cesar Rodriquez St. That will leave a lasting memory as to who destroyed the place. Sort of like now if you want to get shot right quick find the nearest Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. street.

Anonymous said...

Fight for your opinions, but do not believe that they contain the whole truth or the only truth.
Author: Charles Anderson Dana