Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tawana Brawley in Louisiana! Racist Sharmeka Moffitt was So Intent on Committing a Hate Crime Hoax That She Set Herself on Fire, and Almost Died!


Hate crime hoaxer Sharmeka Moffitt. Some observers are calling her mentally ill, but her “illness” is black race mania, a malady shared by approximately 35 million blacks in this country.

Franklin Parish Sheriff Kevin Cobb speaks at a news conference Monday. This afternoon he announced that the victim in a burning set herself afire in a Winnsboro park. / Margaret Croft/The News-Star

By Nicholas Stix
Updated at 10:03 p.m.

In “Obama’s” America, black race mania knows no bounds. Thus, it turns out that just as I suggested with my earlier headline on this case, at 2:34 a.m. this morning, Sharmeka Moffitt did indeed engineer a race hoax.

Note the shameless way in which local NAACP boss Otis Chisley exploited the incident. As I wrote earlier today,

[From news story:] “Otis Chisley, the president of the local branch of the NAACP, said he had been in touch with Moffitt's distraught family. He said he was waiting for more facts to come to light before drawing any conclusions about what happened and that ‘everyone wants to move with caution.’

“Regardless of the investigation's outcome, though, Chisley said, racism and KKK activity remain a fact of life in the state.

“‘It's prevalent throughout Louisiana,’ he said. ‘It's hidden but it exists.’”

[“It’s hidden” means he has no evidence of its prevalence, yet he is leaping to conclusions. And although this crime is his occasion for talking about the KKK, he’s instructing us to ignore that essential fact. In other words, ‘I’m a racist opportunist, and I’m going to exploit this crime to the hilt, and don’t anybody dare use facts or logic in examining the crime or my statement!’

Note, too, the headline editor’s racial dog-whistling: “3 racist men” means “3 White Men.”]

Don't hold your breath, waiting for Otis Chisley to apologize for his blood libel.

The media will no longer tell us that a “racist” did this, but that’s just what happened—a racist named Sharmeka Moffitt!

* * *
UPDATED 5:06 P.M.: Franklin sheriff: Sharmeka Moffitt set herself afire
5:05 PM, Oct 23, 2012
By Greg Hilburn
The News Star

Police have announced that they believe Sharmeka Moffitt fabricated a story about being attacked and burned Sunday night at Civitan Park in Winnsboro by three men who wrote “KKK” on the hood of her car.

Franklin Parish Sheriff Kevin Cobb said during a press conference at the Franklin Parish Courthouse this afternoon that all forensic evidence pointed toward Moffitt concocting the story and setting herself on fire.

“Basically we had to follow the facts,” Cobb said. “This was a disturbing case for all involved. All indications show this was a self-inflicted situation.”

Moffitt, 20, told police she was walking on a park trail when she was attacked and set afire by three men wearing white T-shirt hoodies. She remains at LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport in critical condition.

Police now believe it was Moffitt who wrote “KKK” and “nigger” on the hood of her Buick LaCross with toothpaste and then set fire to herself. She told police she couldn’t identify the race of those she claimed had attacked her. She called 911 from the park.

Cobb and Winnsboro Police Chief Lester Martin said both Moffitt and her family still deserved the community’s prayers.

“This is a tragic situation,” Martin said.

[Thanks to reader-researcher RC, for sending me this story.]


Anonymous said...


You could read this one with your eyes closed.

David In TN

Nicholas said...


I have to admit, though, that I did not file the first news story in my "Hoaxes" folder, due to the woman being set on fire. Not even I could go so far as to figure on a black woman setting herself on fire, to get her 15 minutes and stoke even more black racism (assuming it would be possible for blacks to be more racist than they already are).

Will some crazy whites now vote Obama again (or for the first time?), thinking it will appease them?

Anonymous said...


Didn't a young white woman a few years ago claim a black woman threw acid in her face? It turned out to be self-inflicted.

David In TN

Nicholas said...


True. That was Bethany Storro, in Vancouver, WA.

Anonymous said...

As a resident of Portland, just across the river from Vancouver I remember the Storro incident well. There was doubt immediately about her story and it was quickly debunked. It wasn't a good thing but I'm not sure if it's comparable to black race crime hoaxes. I recall a few incidents over the years of white people attributing crime to blacks when they staged it themselves, it has happened though in those incidents race never becomes the central focus of the issue, a crime is staged and the perps happen to have, allegedly, been black and then they are treated as such, I don't recall any white people staging a "hate crime" hoax per se, if I am wrong and somebody knows of something let me know, but even then I think it's something exceedingly rare whereas black crime hoaxes are quite common. Additionally when whites blame blacks falsely they are judged quite harshly after the fact, with black hoaxers there is a litany of excuses and underlying sympathy (after all it's racism that drove them into the mental instability to perform the hoax) excusing them for their actions. Note the muted criticism of Ms. Moffitt and excuse making.
Check out the comments fields in the articles online when the Moffitt incident first hit the news. Almost virtually all commenters declared this to absolutely be true, anyone dissenting was immediately accused of racism. I have a no doubt there are those that will still believe she was set on fire by the KKK. Jerry

Anonymous said...

I'm really getting tired of hearing about all these race hoaxes and hearing about these racist black savages getting away with murder (often times literally). When will whites understand that there is a war going on right now? Oh and guess what...America is losing the war.

Blacks have infinite rights and are allowed to do whatever the hell they please. They claim that the white man is racist when in fact it is they who are the very definition of racist.

You even wrote another article where whites were being called racist simply for the heinous act of being extra nice to a black woman. This has to stop. Whites have to stop bending over for these black racist savages and learn that every time we let one of them get away with anything, we only encourage more racist behavior from them. And it gets worse with the upcoming election...

There will be blacks out on the streets intimidating white voters and white seniors from voting and nothing will be done about it. We have blacks voting for Obama simply because he is black and being called 'righteous'. Then if a white person says he is voting for Romney because he is white, they are called Nazi racists and become targets of black on white hate crimes.

If Obama wins the election there will be many black groups 'celebrating' in the streets in typical black fashion-by vandalism, mob robberies and attacks on 'whitey'. However, if somehow Obama loses, then I hate to think what will happen. I hope I am wrong, but in that case i foresee riots in the streets and neighborhoods burning down and white people being attacked/killed left and right (because obviously in that case all white people are racist for not re-electing the 'black guy'.

Now, I do not condone violence in any form, but I would urge everyone to know their state laws regarding what types of weapons are allowed to be owned and about their rights for self defense and defense of property. Everyone should arm themselves as much as the law will allow and be prepared just in case Romney should win the election, especially if they live near black neighborhoods.

We can always hope that the blacks will respect the law if Romney wins and accept that Obama lost fair and square, but we all know that will not be the case. Blacks go on violent rampages for no reason as it is, just imagine if one of theirs is removed from the White House and -gasp- a white man is elected in his place. Expect problems.

Again, I am not advocating violence at all. I am simply saying people should be prepared as much as the law in their state will allow. I'm tired of white families being terrorized, murdered, tortured and raped by these racist black savages.