Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Destruction of European Nationalism

By Col B. Bunny
Intergalactic Source of Truth
October 21, 2012


The West drew precisely the wrong lessons from WWII, as President [Vaclav] Klaus makes clear. The grisly carnage of leftism in the 20th century was subsumed under "far-right" Nazism. Thus, you will find in Washington, DC, a museum dedicated to the Holocaust that killed six million Jews during the course of an aberrant political regime that spanned 12 years of the history of the German people. The unbelievable slaughter of other leftist regimes to the tune of over 200 million people goes virtually unmentioned. Not for nothing does the comedian Gallagher refer to The History Channel on cable TV as "The Hitler Channel."

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Anonymous said...

I would agree. Though I must confess Mr. Stix, as a longtime reader this posting surprises me. Anyone that actually reads knows that the left has killed far far more than the right. Though we are constantly reminded of the far right boogeyman. You know who.