Saturday, October 27, 2012

There’s a Message for Senator Kennedy!

Posted by Nicholas Stix


Can anyone get a message through for me? I'm trying to get a message through to Hell where Ted Kennedy can be reached. Just wanted to thank him for the 1965 Immigration Reform Act which guaranteed the eventual end of White America. That son of a bootlegger really made his mark on the country.

[“Could Obama’s Struggles with White Voters Cost Him the Election?” by Halimah Abdullah, CNN/American Renaissance, October 26, 2012.]


Anonymous said...

Oh, Teddy boy is in hell alright, for the 1965 treason and much more.

I just want to know what he got for doing what he did. He was either blackmailed, took a few pieces of silver(which seems unlikely being very rich already from ill gotten gains from his father), or was dangerously delusional.

I think the blackmail route is worth investigating further.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I believe Ted Kennedy hated the US and White America. Did you know he kept an old sign in his office that said "No Irish Need Apply"?
I believe he blamed the misfortunes of his family and the early deaths of so many of his family on the US and White America. His oldest brother disappeared on a bombing mission during WWII, there is speculation about the mission and what happened. He had a sister to die in a plane crash in Italy I believe it was. Then of course the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy. The drug over dose deaths of one of Robert's son's and a ski accidental death of another of Robert's sons.
There was Ted's own debaucherous life and his accidental killing of a young woman when he drove off of a bridge at Chappaquidic. That is an entire story within itself. Ted himself was involved in an airplane crash that killed several people and injured him permanently with a broken back.
He also had a sister born mentally retared and that is another story too within its self.
Anyway I believe he hated the US and the 1965 Immigration Act was his revenge. He did not compose the act and there was and is a group that has been pushing the geneocide of White America for ages, but Kennedy certainly did his lying part along with others to get the Act passed.