Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Indianapolis Star: Our Loyalty to Violent Black Felons Trumps Our Loyalty to Our Readers, Public Safety, and Human Decency

Posted by Nicholas Stix
A caution on suspect descriptions
By Dennis Ryerson
March 4, 2007
Indianapolis Star (Gannett)

Last week we faced one of the more challenging decisions editors ever face, and we didn't handle it well.

It involved the carjacking/robbery/rape of a young woman after she entered her car in a Downtown parking ramp. Police said the assailant was a black male in his late teens, small thin build, approximately 5 foot 8 with medium complexion and short hair. He was wearing a blue polo shirt with thin yellow and white stripes, and blue pants.

We didn't publish that description. Why? ...

* * *
The rest is behind an archive paywall for $3.95, and with good reason!

But Countenance Blog, where I found this item, explains the rest:

Indianapolis Star Admits to (and Justifies) Covering Up Black Crime
March 5, 2007

Because they don’t want to stereotype young black men as criminals.

Is this a mainline newspaper that is trying to peddle the notion that all right-wingers are violent insurrectionist-minded genocide-happy fascists?


Anonymous said...

"Because they don't want to stereotype young black men as criminals."

Never has a stereotype been so grounded in reality.

David In TN

theMickey's said...

Just like not bothering Mexicans crossing the border. Just like not stereotyping muzzies boarding a!

theMickey's said...

I'm glad I dont live in that town.

Anonymous said...

They don't need to stereotype young black men as criminals, they're doing the job just fine by themselves.