Thursday, October 25, 2012

Have SMU Coeds been Hit by Wave of Rapes by Raceless, Faceless Assailants, or Has Campus been Hit by “Sexual Misconduct” Bureaucracy?

By Nicholas Stix

Is it just me, or do the “reporters” in the story below seem more interested in SMU’s burgeoning “sexual misconduct” bureaucracy than in reporting on rapes?

They don’t name the two suspects arrested for rapes in September, or say anything about the fourth and fifth cases. And since the only case they cite was allegedly committed by an acquaintance, given the history of feminist-promoted campus “date rape” hoaxes, I have to wonder if it even was a rape. The “sexual misconduct” bureaucracy will exist in order to promote date rape hoaxes, as a means to aggrandize feminist campus power. Note that “reporters’ Fancher and Thayer tied the bureaucracy and the alleged rapes in at least two stories so far this month.

The rape industry is a subsidiary of Feminism, Inc. At SMU, for instance, man-hating campus feminists fancy that even man rape victims will go to them for “help.” But Feminism, Inc. has no interest in helping even female rape victims. Feminism is an evil, totalitarian movement, and as such, it is interested in consolidating absolute power, rapine, and mass murder, and it attracts people who are of a like disposition.

Look at the history of campus feminists. Although they have amassed wealth and power, they have routinely ignored real rape victims, while producing libraries full of pseudo-scholarship, and viciously promoting rape hoaxes against innocent white, heterosexual men, and never apologizing after the hoaxes were exposed.

* * *
Fifth sexual assault reported near SMU campus
By Julie Fancher and Haley Thayer
October 11, 2012
The Daily Campus/Pegasus News

The number of sexual assaults reported by SMU students is astounding.

SMU police released a crime alert to students reporting the off campus sexual assault of an SMU female student by an SMU male acquaintance.

This is the fifth sexual assault crime alert released to students this year. The alert also comes one week after President R. Gerald Turner released the names of the 20 members of the Task Force on Sexual Misconduct Policies and Procedures.

The crime alert stated that a female SMU student reported to University Park police that she had been sexually assaulted by a male acquaintance, also an SMU student, in the early morning of October 5.

The alert states that the alleged assault occurred at an apartment in the 3400 block of Asbury Avenue, just west of campus.

The Task Force on Sexual Misconduct Policies was created in response to the September arrests of two SMU students for sexual assault. The goal of the Task Force is to look into the way the university handles reported sexual assaults.

“Although our procedures are examined regularly, and mirror those of many other institutions, the Task Force will be a timely opportunity to broaden deliberations and conversation on this critical matter,” Turner said. “Its focus will include not only how sexual misconduct allegations are addressed at SMU, but also how the University can strengthen prevention and education on this important topic.”

The Task Force will begin meeting in October, with a full report to be completed on or before March 1, 2013.


Anonymous said...

When I was in college there were a number of sexual assaults and somewhere between 40 & 50% involved black men and white female victims. This was a school in which black men made up less than 2% of the student body. I wonder what the statistics would be like with a higher black male student body percentage? With so many sexual assaults involving black men it puts campus feminists in a bind: If they protest every time a sexual assault occurs they may appear to be racist and we know it's far more important for them to not seem racist than actually protect women from rape.
Since not enough white men are committing rape they only go into protest mode when white men are accused of rape, then stay relatively silent when black men are (which was the modus operandi when I was in college), also exaggerate and/or fabricate sex crimes involving white men to create a distraction from the hugely disproportionate amount of rape black men commit. Sounds like they're ratcheting things up at SMU but it is very reminiscent of what I remember of my school days. Jerry

Anonymous said...

"I wonder what the statistics would be like with a higher black male student body percentage?

La Griffe ( in his "Crime in the Hood" 1999 monograph states in the abstract:

Violent victimization of whites by blacks is modeled in a racially mixed inner-city neighborhood. Its evolution is traced from the first black to move in, to the last white who moves out. The probability of a white being violently attacked is developed as a function of a neighborhood's racial composition. It is shown to increase nonlinearly, approaching unity as a neighborhood becomes predominately black.