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Could Atlanta Property Crime Rise 147%, While Violent Crime Remained Flat?

By Nicholas Stix

The following 2009 report, from the Atlanta blogger “Intown Writer,” shows how the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Atlanta’s only daily newspaper, became a tool of Mayor Shirley Franklin and Police Chief Richard Pennington (“Chief-Spinnington”), in covering up for the city’s crime problem, thus betraying its readership, and the city’s law-abiding citizens. The reason, which the blogger does not cite, is that crime in Atlanta is a black preserve. Blacks have a virtual monopoly on it, and the AJC, like almost all of the MSM, supports black criminals.

(Atlanta’s current mayor is Kasim Reed; George N. Turner is currently chief of police.)

The official story at the time was that property crime had risen 147 percent, but that violent crime had remained flat. And if you believe that, I’ve got a great deal for you on a slightly used bridge. A large proportion of burglars, especially black burglars, are violent criminals. When they encounter occupants during their burglaries, they frequently rape and/or murder them. Recall Shamal, aka Jamal Thompson, the Atlanta murderer of cancer researcher Eugenia “Jeanne” Calle.

Another reason, which converges with the Calle murder, is revolving door, Fulton County (Atlanta) justice. As the tigress Tina showed at Crime Victims Media Report, Shamal Thompson should have been in prison at the time he murdered Jeanne Calle. He was already a six-time loser, and had gotten “first-time offender” status every time!

The Atlanta Police Department could come up with such divergent numbers because in middle-class and affluent neighborhoods, people insure their property, and when that property is stolen, damaged, or destroyed, they file claims with their insurance companies, which are hard to “disappear.” While urban police departments have perfected methods for variously downgrading and disappearing felonies, and discouraging crime victims form reporting crimes, they have yet to develop similar methods to discourage insurance company claims adjusters.

* * *

Pink Flamingos, Intown ATL Crime and a Once-Great Newspaper
A whimsical - and very visual - protest against crime
By IntownWriter
February 20, 2009
Intown Writer's Blog

Honestly, this blog is meant to be about a variety of issues, but the AJC’s stubborn – seemingly willful – denial of the reality of life in intown neighborhoods keeps pressing toward the front.

Some creative spirits in my part of Atlanta have taken a whimsical and very visual approach to register their dissatisfaction with the 147% increase in property crime.

Pink flamingos.

That’s right, the traditional intown symbol of a gay household from back in the day is being co-opted by the intown anti-Shirley, anti-Chief-Spinnington, anti-thug crowd.

And a great symbol it is, too. Let’s say bright pink birds start landing in lawns across the city. As you drive around Ormewood, Ansley, Virginia Highland or Buckhead, you’ll know those fuchsia flocks in all those yards mean that we know you’re trying to pull the, umm, boa over our eyes, Shirley and Dick. Further, our front-line first-responders will know that we support them, and realize they continue to serve us with very little support from the powers-that-be.

And maybe, just maybe, the sight of all those silly birds will finally make our plight obvious to the people who write for what has become our city’s late, great newspaper.

A previous entry outlined my, umm, dissatisfaction with one AJC reporter in particular who has bought a franchise in the Spinnington/Franklin Kool-Aid. Now another has joined him. The first continues to present the Establishment’s remarkable backward spin on intown crime statistics: because “violent crime,” the number of murders and aggravated assaults is down, the dramatic increase in so-called “property crime” is irrelevant.

You know what “property crimes” are, right? That bloodless term – so far removed from the obviously gory and nightmare-inducing “violent crimes” designation – refers to instances of thugs crashing in through the front door of your home, or bashing through your car window to take your personal belongings, i.e. “property.”

Now, you could be sitting in your living room when this happens, or your pets might be the only ones home when strangers enter your home and go through and walk off with your things. But because it’s not “violent” crime, the AJC hasn’t thought that it’s worth exploring.

(Although, in a late-breaking development, the fact that a beloved, respected and prominent cancer researcher was murdered in Midtown by a suspect who is a felon with multiple burglary convictions might get their attention.)

In the meantime, this denial of the dangers of burglary and other property cries continued today with yet another “news reporter”… actually, to be fair, they’re only called “staff writers,” which is probably one of the more accurate items in the paper these days. (And online, they aren’t even given a title. It’s as if the AJC itself doesn’t know what to call the people who work there… or don’t think it’s worth it to give them titles, since they’ll probably be gone in a few weeks in another downsizing.)

The AJC “Covers” Crime Protests…

In the article about the Flamingo Protest Against Crime, this new guy to the intown crime beat decides to regurgitate the first staff writer’s spin on crime without taking the time to reexamine them in the least.

Naturally, this pissed me off.

Here’s the evidence:

‘Hatcher, an art director for a local weekly newspaper, and Johnny Castellic (a.k.a. “Johnny Hollywood”) have launched a campaign to raise public awareness of what they insist is a growing crime problem in their area.’

That’s right: “of what they insist is a growing crime problem…”

Then just two paragraphs later, they say:
‘Pennington has said police data shows that while property crimes in some of Atlanta’s gentrified communities have increased, incidents of violent crime are down.’

Can someone please explain why the AJC is so determined to underplay this situation? The article about one of Lisa Borders’ Town Hall Meetings even cited the uptick in these crimes: ‘The chief said burglaries increased 14 percent from 2007 to 2008 and car theft rose by 17 percent during the same time.’ (Then, I swear to God, Officials asked residents to do a better job of watching out for their neighbors by setting up e-mail networks to alert each other about possible criminal activity.’ WTF? This request comes after Spinington himself blamed all this email sharing for this percieved crime: ‘These community groups work closely together. When they hear about one crime, they e-mail their neighbors and then you get a barrage of e-mails. I think they just respond to what they hear. And a lot of times, perception to them is reality.’ I could not make this up, folks. Forget talking to each other… do these reporters or their editors even read their own paper?)

Okay, back to these property crimes – which means that thugs are bashing into people’s houses and/or cars with intent of stealing or damaging law-abiding citizens’ homes: Hey! They’re up!

But do you see an outcry about that in the AJC? No, instead, intown residents have to ”insist” that there’s an increase in crime because the reporters clearly don’t buy it. And more assurances that, really guys, calm down. Violent crimes are down, okay? Relax.

In Ormewood Park alone, burglary doubled in the last year: in 2007, there were 67 burglaries; in 2009, 125.

Or is that perceived crime, Chief Spinington?

So I have four neon pink flamingos in my front yard.

But in my case, my protest is as much against the AJC “reporters” who are assigned to this story and their editors as it is against the Mayor and Chief Spinnington and the courts who keep turning these people loose.

Besides, my flamingos look terrific with my 1960 ranch.

Check out the AJC coverage for yourself:
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