Friday, April 13, 2012

Please Help Me Fight this Man of Many Names and Nationalities

Barry Dunham, aka Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama II, of Kenya, Indonesia, and America

It may surprise you to know this, but I wrote the first exposés on that man’s racism and fake Christianity, way back in the summer of 2004.

The only piece I lacked then was the genocidal (as opposed to “merely” black supremacist) character of Black Liberation Theology. That was because, although I bought the two main works of the cult’s founder, James Cone, they were 1990 reprints, which Cone had censored, by deleting the openly genocidal passages that were in the originals. (I still don’t have the originals, which is part of the reason why I never published a full-scale exposé on “Obama,” but I did purchase a huge anthology on black theology which quotes from them.)

In any event, I’m doing everything I can to stop him and his forces. Compared to worthless mainstream writers and organizations that have millions of dollars at their disposal, yet who alternately surrender and fire on their own putative allies, I don’t need much to survive, and I’m more productive than they are.

But I do need some money, in order to feed my family, pay the mortgage, and keep The Boss living in the style to which she is accustomed. (Strike that, I want to her live better than that!)

Since following so many bouts of official counterfeiting, Obama bucks are rapidly losing value, I’m shooting for $60,000 this year.

If you find my work to be of value, please help me continue it, by hitting the gold PayPal “Donate” button at the top, and giving whatever you can afford.

Thanks in advance.


Nicholas Stix

P.S. The response to yesterday’s fundraising letter was much better than expected! Thanks, folks!

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