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Sound Familiar? Whites Send $ Billions to Africa for Health Care, Including AIDS Medicine, and Local Blacks Steal the Money! But They Can Explain


Limpopo Province Health Department Chief Thief, er, Unspender, Daisy Mafubelu: Excel made millions disappear

Eastern Cape Province Health Department Chief Unspender, Siva Pillay. Photo: Mlondolozi Mbolo

South African Provincial Health Czars Steal Millions of Dollars in Western Health Aid; First They Say the Money Went Unspent, but Now They are Offering Magical Explanations, e.g., Excel Made the Money Disappear!

Most, if not all, money for health care, and all money for treating plagues such as AIDS in sub-Saharan African countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe comes from the white West, and most of that from America. But every cent that is confiscated from America’s almost lily-white base of net taxpayers is a complete waste, as it is stolen by African kleptocrats.

Granted, what I consider a loss, the “Obamas” consider a two-fer: They get to hurt white Americans by further impoverishing them, and help genocidal, black kleptocrats. The very things that are abhorrent, according to human decency, for the “Obamas” are virtues. (In order to protect myself from accusations of being “subtle,” or of using “dog whistles,” I am saying that the “Obamas” lack all human decency.)

Last September, the official story was that in three South African provinces (Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Eastern Cape) millions of dollars in health-care money was sitting, unspent. Anyone who knows anything about Africans, in Africa or anywhere else, knows that they do not sit on public funds. They immediately steal the money.

Thus, when reading sub-Saharan African newspapers, if one sees the term “unspent,” regarding public money, one must translate that into “stolen by the government officials responsible for it.”

Keep in mind, as well, that one American dollar (USD) equals 7.8119 South African Rands (ZAR).

Money “unspent” by the Eastern Cape Province Health Department (Chief of Unspending Siva Pillay) in last fiscal year’s first quarter:

HIV/AIDS: R105 million
Forensic pathology: R1.4 million
Hospital revitalization grant: R35.9 million

Those numbers alone add up to R142.3 million (ZAR) stolen, er, unspent, by one department in one province for one quarter, or $18.2144 million (USD).

Money “unspent” by the Limpopo Province Health Department (Chief of Unspending Daisy Mafubela) in last fiscal year’s first quarter:

HIV/AIDS: R49.5 million
Forensic pathology: R1.2 million
Hospital revitalization grant: R27.3 million

Those numbers alone add up to R78 million (ZAR) stolen, er, unspent, by one department in one province for one quarter, or $9.984 million (USD).

The numbers for Mpumalanga Province were sketchier, but it reportedly stole, er, “unspent” R53 million for HIV/AIDS, under health and social development MEC, Dikeledi Mahlangu. That line item alone amounts to $6.784 million (USD).

The quarterly sum of $34,982,400 (USD) stolen from the three provinces’ medical budget, based on limited data, does not begin to describe the thievery, in a nation in which the per capita annual income is a mere $11,000 (USD) for 50,586,757 people, as of last July. (That income figure sounds inflated, but that’s what the CIA says.)

By contrast, America has 313,408,369 “residents,” legal and illegal, as of this writing, and a per capita income of $41,663.

Last September we read, “3 provinces sit on vast Health funds.” The department heads had many explanations, all of which might sound plausible to a just-arrived Martian with an IQ of 20, or a white leftist: The departments were rife with “corruption,” hundreds of crooked employees were fired (probably for not sharing the “unspent” department money and bribes they’d extracted from civilians, just to get them to do the jobs they were already paid to do), hundreds of positions had not been filled (hundreds of firings and hundreds of unfilled positions? Gimme a break!), bookkeeping was done on paper, and construction jobs couldn’t be finished, because of poor interdepartmental “communication,” and because contractors who hadn’t done any work were nevertheless suing for millions of Rands.

In any event, the department heads would need two or three years to “turn things around.” Except that in two or three years, we’ll hear the same stories, perhaps from new department heads, and the same promises of “turning things around,” but nothing will ever be turned around.

The corruption starts at the top. If you don’t want corruption, have crooked employees prosecuted; impose computer (or at least data entry) bookkeeping systems; and have the government prosecute and black list the crooked contractors.

If by their own admissions, the department heads were sitting on mountains of money, and yet undertook no reforms, it is because they have no more interest in reforming their agencies than our own dictatorship does.

Sowetan Live reader KeRataBasadi called South Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress, “The (A)lliance of (N)on-delivery and (C)orruption.”

Limpopo Province Health Department “HOD” (Head of Department) Daisy Mafubelu, took six months, just to come up with a magical cover story: Excel ate the money.

So, when people don’t use computers for bookkeeping, the lack of computerization is the culprit, and when they do computerize, the computerization itself is at fault.

This is what we have to look forward to in America: African criminals are used to getting away with these ridiculous, mutually contradictory stories, because: 1. Most of their countrymen function on a Stone Age level; and 2. Those who know better, know that the criminals will respond to criticism either by imprisoning, or by torturing and murdering their critics, after first gang-raping and murdering their wives and daughters in front of them.

Come to think of it, that’s not what we have to look forward to, that’s what we already have. Daisy Mafubela would be right at home in Detroit—or the “Obama” dictatorship!

[From WEJB/NSU's South Africa files:

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* * *

3 provinces sit on vast Health funds
Sep 7, 2011 | Anna Majavu | 100 comments
Sowetan Live

WHILE patients die because of, among other things, a lack of funding of public healthcare institutions, Parliament yesterday heard that at least three provinces sat on money earmarked to improve healthcare.

Patients die as provinces sit on millions for hospitals

Tenderpreneurs can't cope with workload

'Standard 7 bosses' axed
Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Eastern Cape failed to spend. All three sat on funds meant to be spent on vital infrastructure and equipment. Some of the funds were budgeted for spending on forensic pathology, hospital improvements and preventing the spread of HIV and Aids.

Parliament's select committee on appropriation began its public hearings with the provincial departments of health yesterday.

Treasury official Ogalaletseng Gaarekwe said Eastern Cape had underspent its HIV and Aids grant by R105 million in the first quarter of this financial year, while Limpopo underspent by R49,5 million.

Eastern Cape underspent its budget for forensic pathology by R1,4 million and Limpopo by R1,2 million. Eastern Cape underspent the hospital revitalisation grant by R35,9 million and Limpopo by R27,3 million.

Hospital renovations had been delayed because of poor communication between the health and public works departments and the "poor or slow performance of contractors . who are awarded tenders for big projects they cannot execute", Gaarekwe said.

When contractors did not perform they had a tendency to take departments to court and holding up hospital renovation projects for years. Mpumalanga's health and social develpment MEC, Dikeledi Mahlangu, said some projects in the province had been delayed since 2003.

Eastern Cape health HOD Siva Pillay said his province had problems, including of bookkeeping done "on paper" in all but four centres.

"We have had five MECs and four HODs. We have uncovered a huge deal of fraud. When you put corrective measures in place, it puts the brakes on spending" Pillay said.

He said the province would take another two to three years to "turn around". After he started the job in January 2010 he had to replace 13 mortuary managers who had only a "Standard 7 to Standard 10 qualification", Pillay said.

He told MPs that in July he had to fire the former chief financial officer, Phumla Vazi, because the department was doing business with 121 companies owned by Vazi's husband, daughter, two sons and sister.

Pillay also fired 325 people working in the ambulance department, including the head and deputy head, for "corruption".

Prices were now compared before they bought anything, he said.

"The cost of a bed, if you move from province to province, can jump from R890 000 to R3 million. That shows how we are played," he said, adding that construction companies were involved in "collusive tendering across the board".

In Mpumalanga, Mahlangu said, the department could not attract an engineer to work on its hospital revitalisation programme because the salary offered was too low.

Plans to revamp Themba Hospital in Kabokweni had hit "major challenges" after the contractor did not perform, but then took the department to court.

They spent only R81 million of R134million of the HIV-Aids grant.

Daisy Mafubelu, Limpopo health department's HOD, said the hospital revitalisation programme was going wrong because 56percent of the posts on the project were vacant and the department could not monitor if the work was done.

Committee chair Charl de Beer of the ANC, slammed the national Health Department for not attending.

* * *

South Africa: Health department blames Excel for loss of 4 million
March 6, 2012
In Other News

According to the chief of a provincial, they had so much assets that it did no longer "fit" into Excel. The rest, 33 Million Rand (~$4M US, 3M€) has unfortunately been lost.

Daisy Mafubela, the chief of the health department of the South African province of Limpopo, which has a population of over 5 million people, blames Excel for the loss of the equivalent of $4 million.

A committee has found irregularities in office supplies in the fiscal year 2009-2010. Miss Mafubela justified this by declaring that the department had so much to manage that the result would no longer fit into Microsoft Excel. However, she admitted that their current asset management system was inadequate.

The committee, which reportedly was mostly asleep despite Red Bull consumtion, seemingly found this explanation credible, because the only consequence of the affair are 13 million Rand (~$1M) for a new "asset management system" for the health department.

One committee-member accused Mafubela that this only happened because her department was too lazy to print out the documents - however in what way this would have prevented the Excel problem remains unclear.

Mafubela will probably keep her post.



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Sending US taxpayer's money to Africa and importing Africans to the US has been an ongoing operation for years now.
And there is a very good chance that Barry Soetoro will be reelected or is that just propaganda?

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It sickens me to see the waste on aid, the incredible waste. But the federal govt says it needs more money, it's going broke! We have got to raise taxes, there's not a dime of waste to cut! Not a dime!