Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nation of Islam Leader, Min. Louis Farrakhan, Threatens Racial Holocaust, if Whites Do Not Surrender

Minister Louis Farrakhan



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By Nicholas Stix

Farrakhan says, among other things, “We know you better than you know yourself,” and “We know where you came from.”

He is referring to the “Myth of Yacub,” which has been taught by the NOI since its founding by New Zealand-born con man Wallace Ford, who called himself “Wallace Fard” and other aliases.


Wallace Ford

The Myth of Yacub asserts that the white race was created by an evil black scientist, Yacub, approximately 6,000 years ago, and that the white race has spread evil and mischief (“tricknology”) over the world, ever since. However, soon the white race will be annihilated by the black race in a racial Armageddon.

When Farrakhan speaks of the white race coming to its end if its does not change, he is speaking in racial code to blacks, both his followers and the tens of millions of blacks not in the NOI who are nevertheless genocidal racists (including Barack and Michelle “Obama”). At the same time, he has plausible deniability, because he did not say that he is calling for a genocidal race war. Keep in mind that, according to the tenets of the NOI, the white race is going to be wiped out by blacks, no matter what it does.

At one point, Farrakhan attributes to Pat Buchanan the claim that “$40 trillion” was spent on blacks, in order to make them the equals of whites, but that it didn’t work. “They throw money at problems.” (At first, Farrakhan says “Pat Moynihan”; those Irishman look alike!)

I doubt that Buchanan said “$40 trillion,” just as I doubt that Farrakhan ever read any of Buchanan’s books, though he may have read some of Buchanan’s newspaper columns. In any event, in the excerpted passage, Farrakhan shows Buchanan no hostility, and his statement that “they throw money at problems” is sensible. Now everything the man says is crazy or dishonest; rather, listening to him is like being on a rollercoaster ride of madness, evil, and sense.


Suicide of a Superpower, by America's greatest living political thinker, Pat Buchanan: Definitely not the book Farrakahan holds up during his speech

Whites have probably had more like $10 trillion to $15 trillion of their wealth confiscated and given to blacks since 1964, and every dollar was indeed wasted. And that’s not counting probably over $1 trillion that whites lost, due to black violent and property crime, and from millions of whites having to sell their homes at a loss, and flee murderous, racist blacks all over the country.

There is at least one moment of deceptive editing in the video. Farrakhan jumps from talking about Buchanan’s book, to holding aloft a book, and saying that it will help his listeners understand the white man, implying that he is recommending that they read Buchanan’s book. But he is not holding up Buchanan’s book, but a book of the NOI, with two Xes on its cover.

At one point, Louis Farrakhan says that he has never been arrested. That may be true, but he certainly should have been arrested for many crimes, starting with either conspiracy to obstruct justice, and/or accessory after the fact, and/or conspiracy to commit murder in the 1972 ambush slaying, in Farrakhan's mosque, of New York City Police Patrolman Phillip Cardillo.


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