Saturday, April 28, 2012

When Letalvis Cobbins First Attacked a Jailer

By David in TN and Nicholas Stix

Knoxville Horror perp Letalvis Cobbins first attacked a jailer in February 2009.

"Cobbins grabbed a jailer's shirt Monday at the county detention center on Maloneyville Road and tried to head-butt him and drag him to the floor, according to an arrest warrant."

The KCSO officer said Cobbins had been "loud and disruptive."

Authorities said it was the first time Cobbins had caused a problem. Since 2009, he has made accusations at every court appearance. The Knox County Sheriff's Office says Cobbins caused the confrontations.

N.S. This is the same individual that sodomized Channon Christian so often, and with such violence, that her lower lip separated from her mouth, and who then testified at his trial not only that he hadn’t harmed her, but that she had voluntarily given him oral sex. He also depicted himself as some sort of victim of his half-brother, Lemaricus Davidson. Apparently, more than a few female jurors bought his story, and not just the black ones, because they voted against justice, and did not sentence him to death.

Special Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood has since outdone the jury, in throwing out Cobbins’ convictions and sentence altogether, based on a rationale that I’m not aware of standing in any law Tennessee state law books.

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