Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm George Zimmerman! I'm George Zimmerman! I'm George Zimmerman!



Flyer and video from Unamusement Park



Anonymous said...

what's your point?

Nicholas said...

What's your question?

Anonymous said...

Well, the Anonymous that asked what your point is doesn't understand what's going on.
Well, once again the US has bowed to terrorist tactics being perpetrated by the black community. (I don't think terrorism is too strong a word considering they were basically threatening civil war, not to mention the bounty the Panthers placed on Mr. Zimmerman's head. )
I couldn't believe when the special prosecutor read her little speech. Never have I seen such a one-sided speech from an investigator. She even spouted a bunch of rhetoric that is impossible to prove. She states that the voice on the tape calling for help was Trayvon because his mom said so!!!???
I really fear that Zimmerman is being railroaded in order to make the liberals and the black community happy so theyy don't riot.
Now, if someone gets attacked in the streets, they don't even have the right to protect themselves, even in a stand your ground state. I guess that we should all just hand over our wallets to muggers and give our homes to the gangs, because if we dare to defend ourselves, then we arethe ones who go to prison.
This is truly a very disturbing development.
And they still insist this was a a racially motivated hate crime, even though Zimmerman was clearly not racist-he mentored black youth, defended blacks at his risk, and had many black friends. How is he racist? Of course they have to make it appear as a race crime, otherwise they wouldn't be seen to be justified in their outrage.
This is how individual freedom ends. Game over.