Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Carter Strange Beating: Oldest Attacker Gets 15 Years


Victim Carter Strange, pre-diversity


Carter Strange, after encountering diversity

By David in TN

While other events were in the news, Tyheem Henrey, the oldest of the eight people charged in the “random” beating of Carter Strange, pled guilty on April 18 to criminal conspiracy and assault and battery of a “high and aggravated nature.”

“Circuit Judge Alison Lee sentenced Henrey to five years on the criminal conspiracy charge and 15 years for assault and battery. The sentences run concurrent with each other, which means he’ll serve 15 years total. After accounting for time already served, he will serve at least 85 percent of that sentence.”

Four of the suspects, who stood across a street and watched the beating received probation. Three others have yet to be tried. One is a juvenile who will be tried in family court. The other two will be tried as adults.

Law officers and others said if passers-by hadn’t found Strange two hours later and called 911, he “might well have died.”


June 24, 2011: Tyheem Henrey listens as Carter Strange's father expresses his sorrow for Henrey's family and his hope that he will one day forgive Henrey for what he allegedly did to his son. Tyheem Henrey, 19, had a bond hearing, Friday, for his alleged role in the beating of an 18-year-old who was running home through five points to make curfew on Monday. The hearing was held at Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center.

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