Monday, April 16, 2012

Federale on the Boeing-Russian-Obama Conspiracy: Regime’s War on Whites Continues

Obama Regime War on Whites Continues
By Federale
April 16, 2012

White collar workers that is, who, by the way, are predominantly white, as are gun owners in Florida and police officers in Cambridge, MA. Here we have white-collar workers as a stand-in for white people in general. We all know that Barack Hussein Obama only cares for people who look like him and he has a deep-seated hatred of whites, whether they be white Cambridge police officers or “white-Hispanics” from Florida.

But Obama's hatred extends to all employed white Americans. We know the deep-seated hatred for working-class whites who cling to their God and guns, but the Obama Regime war on whites extends to the upper-middle-class educated workers, supposedly one of the few white groups to support him. But this is a group of white college graduates not with a useless degree in sociology or Marxism Studies, but engineers.

To wit, we have another case of the Obama Regime violating the law, in order to punish whites. The Regime has ordered U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to allow Boeing to continue its immigration fraud of using alien engineers to perform work in the United States on a B-1 business visitor visa. Sometime ago CBP broke up a Boeing sponsored alien smuggling operation that brought Russian engineers to the United States to perform day-to-day labor in the United States, replacing white-collar educated Americans and simultaneously driving down wages. Talk about a War on Men, American men. Although I do understand there are some female engineers at Boeing, so this is part of the Democrat War on Women as well. Just ask Mittens wife.

This blog reported the courageous action by CBP to stand up to the well connected alien smugglers and bad corporate citizen, but it was only a matter of time before Boeing got what they wanted. Cheap illegal alien labor. Perhaps part of the settlement of the NLRB issue?...

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Anonymous said...

What's truly amazing and heartbreaking is that THOUSANDS of US citizens with STEM degrees recently graduated from college AND folks with decades of experience are caught in this maelstrom of corporate treachery. GE's Immelt sending GE Medical Imaging headquarters to PRC is simply the latest example of how so-called "American" business leadership has totally sold the workers down the river. Politicians like POTUS are simply shills for the Indian government when it comes to to importing the H1B Job Thieves. Few people speak truth to power, the infamous ITGRUNT being one who stands his ground ready to defend himself with a 9mm if attacked.