Tuesday, April 17, 2012

National Review Still Employs a Notoriously Noxious Racist!

By Nicholas Stix

“Fire Jonah Goldberg!!!!; He’s Just as ‘Racist’ as Anyone Else Fired from National Review, and We Can Prove It.”

This is a special report from James Fulford, exposing the sordid goings-on at the nation’s flagship kapo con publication.

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Florida resident said...

Former Soviet Union-time
Odessa-style joke (around 1960.)

Rabinovich has just been expelled from Party
(communist party, for sure.)
This night he has this dream.
An anti-communist revolution just happened in Odessa.
The people of Odessa came
to their central square
for their first big meeting.
The guy at the podium asks via microphone:
" My fellow Odessites !
What is the first thing we should do
as citizens of free Odessa ? "
And the crowd, in a single breath, shouts synchronously:
" We insist on re-installment of Party membership to Rabinovich !!! "

That was initial reaction of numerous readers
to the NR news about Derbyshire.