Sunday, April 15, 2012

Memphis: If Someone Bumps Your Car Door with His, It’s Just Normal to Sucker Punch His 67-Year-Old Dad into a Coma with an Aluminum Baseball Bat,


67-Year-Old Man Attacked with Baseball Bat
By Daniel Hight
April 11, 2012, 4:54 p.m., updated at 5:44 p.m.

(Memphis) Sixty-Seven-year-old Alassane Sy is in a coma at the Med after a violent attack outside a Whitehaven convenient store.

“He’s in the hospital now and he can’t talk,” said the victim’s son, Abdoul Sy. “He’s been sleeping for five days. He’s not talking or anything for five days now.”

Surveillance video shows Alassane pulling his black SUV into the gas station on Winchester road.

His son got out of the back seat and accidentally hit a green-colored, Jeep Cherokee with the door.

Alassane and the female driver began to argue, according to Abdoul. That’s when a young man got out of the vehicle and hit an unsuspecting Alassane in the back of the head with a metal baseball bat. The 67-year-old never saw it coming and was knocked unconscious.

“It was hard for me because this is my daddy,” said Abdoul.

He is hoping someone can identify the women in the surveillance photo. Police want to question them. They say the women were in the same car with the young man who attacked Alassane.

Abdoul says he needs someone to come forward with the information that would help his father get justice.

“I have everything,” said Abdoul. “I’ve got the [surveillance pictures] and everything, but I need people to come [forward] and take care of my daddy.

Abdul says the experience has been traumatic for him and his family. He is now having to provide for them now that his father is in a coma.

“I can do my best,” said Abdoul. “I can do my best.”

If anyone has information that could help police catch the person responsible, can call Memphis Crime Stoppers anonymously at 901.528.CASH.

A raised Black Sucker Punch Power fist, clutching an aluminum baseball bat, to Nivius Vir, who remarks,

Am I crazy for thinking that attacking a sixty-seven-year-old man with a baseball bat for bumping my car door is a little nuts?

It’s just another day of diversity.


Miss Carnivorous said...

Pretty typical actually. A few of my black co- workers were talking the other day about the fact that you definately don't want to toot your horn at other black people who are blocking your car's progress. It's better to back your car away and go down another street than to get murdered or beaten into brain damage. I was on a bus 2 weeks ago when a black teen girl hit my leg with her body then proceeded to mean mug me and I could see her empty hamster wheel spinning as she debated whether to attack me over it. She thought I should apologize to her for her bumping into me. I just stared at her innocently until she exited the bus. This happened at the supermarket too when a teen girl squeezed into the candy area of a checkout line and my cart brushed her as I moved it forward. She went into full on attack mode so I picked up the can of Sapporo beer I was buying prepatory to laying it upside her head and she looked at it and ran off.

eah said...

Terrible crime. And yet nother piece of black criminal savagery that the media would never report as such, and will more or less now ignore.

But while watching the video (which I did not finish), I could not help but wonder: What are those people doing in America?