Monday, April 23, 2012

Hate Crime Hoax in Colorado? Not to Diversity-Trained Cops


"Bein Park in Berthoud, Colo., where a black female exchange student from Germany says she was attacked by a group of white men on Thursday, April 12, 2012." (Credit: CBS Denver) [N.S.: At least, CBS' caption editor had the good sense to hedge her bets, by qualifying the sentence with "says she was attacked." Many "professional" journalists would simply have said "where a black female exchange student from Germany was attacked..."]

Attack on black teen in Colorado was hate crime, police say
By Anonymous
April 17, 2012 3:20 p.m.
CBS News Crimesider

(CBS/KCNC) BERTHOUD, Colo. - A black foreign exchange student from Germany says she was attacked in a Colorado park in what police are calling a hate crime.

According to CBS Denver, police say the 15-year-old girl, a junior at Berthoud High School, was walking home Thursday in the town about 30 miles north of Denver when she was accosted by a group of white men.

Police say the teen said the men told her they were looking for a minority, reports CBS Denver.

"They made some racially intimidating and frightening comments to the young lady," Chief Glen Johnson with Berthoud police told the station. "One of the young men did cause some minor injuries to this young lady."

The injuries were reportedly knife cuts to her forehead. According to CBS Denver, although shaken by the incident, the teen was at school on Monday.

The Thompson School District issued a statement saying, "We're concerned for her safety and well-being, and are providing whatever support we can."

Police reportedly say they have descriptions of the suspects, but none of them were in custody.


Anonymous said...

nothing say "germany" like a black woman.

Anonymous said...

Jean said...

Anonymous #1 is on to something...
But seriously, who likes the frikkin Germans anyway? ;-)
Damn skinhead neo-nazis.


Recovering leftist said...

There have been a number of high-profile "hate crimes" in Germany, as this one, done to, or rather, by Rebecca Katzschmann:

Cases like these get a lot of attention in the MSM; millions get pumped into anti-racism programs to "educate" the public, prizes for bravery are given to the "victims", kids learn about this in school...

However, once they turn out to be the hoaxes they are, there will be only a small three-line note at the bottom of page 16 or so... so the average citizen will never get aware of the hoax, all that sticks in the collective memory are the evil nazi racist crimes.

By now, it is essential common knowledge that nazis will cut swastikas into your forehead. That's what they do. They carry razorblades with them at all times just so they can cut swastikas into your skin.

The most hystical case was
"the media scandal in November 2000", that actually lasted for years. A woman accused an entire a small town in Saxony of murdering her son, and as a result, millions to tax money were put into "fighting racism", the entire region lost a lot of revenue due to the decline in tourism, and three young people spent time behind bars and lost out on apprenticeships because they were branded as nazis.

That stupid black girl is no doubt a victim of this German media hysteria and school system brainwashing.