Sunday, April 29, 2012

Have You Seen This Man? Generic Description and Generic Police Sketch of Suspect in Generic Neo-Nazi “Hate Crime” in Colorado

Berthoud, CO, Police Department hate crime suspect drawing: This guy looks like a generic version of the sort of Germans Tawana Deutschland would have seen by the thousands on the street back home.

By Nicholas Stix

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU, on this, er, “hate crime”:

“Hate Crime Hoax in Colorado? Not to Diversity-Trained Cops.”]

School kids in Germany grow up learning about the Nazis in school. Those who “learn” about America doubtless learn about the white supremacists and neo-Nazis that hide under every black’s bed. Indeed, the slick, popular socialist news magazine, Der Spiegel (The Mirror), which I used to read every week in West Germany, did a story on the topic just last May, following the murder of Neo-Nazi Jeff Hall, by his 10-year-old son: “Neo-Nazis in the USA: Swastikas and Stars and Stripes” (“Neonazis in den USA
Hakenkreuz und Sternenbanner”
). The “report” was based mostly on SPLC and ADL fundraising letters. Regurgitating SPLC propaganda, “reporter” Marc Pitzke's “story” informed readers that the neo-Nazi movement in America is splittered yet ubiquitous, with more chapters than ever.

It is now 17 days since the terrible attack, yet no “suspects” have surfaced. Surprise, surprise!

To the high school exchange authorities over in D-land: We don’t need to import any more Tawanas; we have more than enough right here at home, thank you very much!

* * *

Berthoud police release composite sketch of alleged hate crime suspect
By Anonymous
April 18, 2012, 6:08:52 p.m., MDT; updated: at 6:23:09 p.m., MDT

The Berthoud Police Department Wednesday released a composite sketch of a man suspected of participating in a hate crime committed against a black Berthoud High School foreign exchange student.

Police described the man as white with blonde hair and greenish eyes, standing between 6-feet to 6-foot-5. He was last seen wearing a black T-shirt featuring a band of white flames near his chest and likely has a tattoo.

Authorities believe the man was in the company of three other white males last Thursday when they allegedly accosted the 15-year-old high school junior from Germany. She was walking through Ellen Bunyan Bein park, located next to the Berthoud High School on Spartan Avenue, when four white men in their 20s blocked her path.

The foursome said things to the girl that were "very intimidating, very racial in nature," that scared her, said Berthoud Police Department Chief Glenn Johnson. One man cut the girl's forehead with a knife, causing her minor injuries.

There is no indication that the men knew the girl, and Johnson couldn't say where they were from. In the end, he said, they let her go, and were on their way.

The other men were described as two blonde haired males and a shorter, stocky male with dark hair.

The Berthoud Police Department is looking for the following suspect involved
in an assault that occurred on April 12, 2012:

Those who know the man, or those who have information about the incident, should contact the Berthoud Police Department at 970-532-2611.


Anonymous said...

Obviously a hoax.

Miss Carnivorous said...

There is a big difference between 6' and 6'5. 6'5 is really, really taller than average.

Nicholas said...

Miss C,

She was just keeping it as generic as possible.

DiverCity said...

More Tawana Brawly-ish-ness!

Nicholas said...

Thanks, DiverCity! I just posted it.

Aryan Graphics Designs said...

REALLY - We don't have enough
blacks from 3rd world countries coming to the United States ,
Now we have to get them from Germany?
Think its a HOAX like TAWANA
BRAWLY.The one suckered the media & Roy Inus & Rev Al Sharpton..

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