Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Did You Know That You Have a Civil Right to Walk in Peace on a Public Street? Well… Not if You’re White!

The following excerpt comes from an incredible new blog on violent black supremacy, Black racism and race hatred of non blacks.

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79 brutal attacks for "being white on a public street"
Saturday, April 14, 2012
Black racism and race hatred of non blacks

No "STREETS THEORY" protection for whites in the Federal Civil Rights Laws.

Of all the interracial violent crimes, brutal assaults against whites by blacks are probably the most numerous. They happen on the streets, in parks,in the schools, at the workplace, etc, . hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of times every year. They happen under conditions that would clearly trigger Federal Hate Crime Laws against interracial violence if the victim was black and the assailants were white:

"Equal Justice Under Law", the credo of American Justice, inscribed on the front of the Supreme Court Building.



A classic civil-rights violation occurs when a person is targeted because of his or her race while trying to engage in a federally protected activity, such as voting or riding on public transportation.

But Bradley Schlozman, a former acting head of the Justice Department's civil rights division, told Yahoo News that in the past, courts have found that using a public sidewalk can qualify as a protected activity.

"Under 'streets theory,' individuals have been prosecuted for targeting a minority(but not whites) on the basis of his or her race because they didn't appreciate that they were being on the streets," Schlozman said. "One of the recognized civil rights is being able to walk the streets."

Ironically, this quote is from an article about charging George Zimmerman with federal charges of violating the civil rights of Trayvon Martin, even if the evidence shows that his killing was justifiable self-defense under Florida's Stand Your Ground Law:

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jeigheff said...

Thanks for providing another link to the blog "Black racism and race hatred on non-blacks." I'm not sure how often I can stand to read it, but I'd like to refer to it again in the future.