Friday, December 03, 2021

Eloi and Morlocks: Give Credit Where Credit's Due

By A California Reader
Fri, Dec 3, 2021 4:01 a.m.

Give Credit Where Credit's Due


Was the Philadelphia Murder of Samuel Sean Collington a Case of an Eloi Serving Himself Up to a Morlock?

Dear Mr. Stix,

Don't you and commenter Eahilf owe a tip of the hat to Lawrence Auster for this reference to Eloi and Morlocks? He used the notion many times in his blog during his last years, as you must recall.

Anonymously yours,
A California Reader

N.S.: Yes, yes. Of course it was Larry Auster, from whom I got that notion, and I gladly acknowledge it. I think often of Larry, as you'll see in a manuscript I'm currently working on.


Anonymous said...

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eahilf said...

For the record: while I know of Auster, I only read his blog occasionally when he was alive; since he passed, I look at it/the archive of it now and then; usually a search takes me to one of his entries -- but I have never seen a mention of Eloi or Morlocks on his blog.

Of course I'm not surprised he came up with it -- for anyone with knowledge of the Wells novel, it's a very natural analogy (that was not the first time I've used it).

I occasionally use, and hope I always credit (?), a remark by Auster that I do remember: how white TV newscasters, who report on grisly black crime night after night, continue to do so without even a hint that they have noticed a pattern.

Note I also put many links in my comments -- when I get something from another source, I always give credit, or try to, typically via a link.

David In TN said...

Yes, if only our late friend Larry Auster was still with us.

Larry developed the thesis of America becoming a factory for the production of dead White girls and women.

eahilf said...

Here's an Auster page I found some time ago:


After making several comments over time about the genetic detritus that must have been left behind by generations of white (and black) flight from America's urban shitholes, I decided to search to see if anyone had ever attempted to estimate the IQ of places like Detroit, Baltimore, St Louis, Atlanta, etc -- via that search I found Auster's entry on Baltimore (the IQ estimate is not Auster's -- see the linked page).

I've linked to that page a few times, e.g. when I want to underscore my point, especially about Baltimore specifically -- but like I said I'd already made the point/observation about the black genetic detritus left behind in America's heavily black urban areas.

Anonymous said...

Eloi and Morlocks. The Time Machine. And a correct appraisal.

eahilf said...


This woman has 48k followers:

Twitter/Julia Angwin

Critics have long suspected that predictive policing software was racially biased. ... Today, we have the answer: @themarkup & @gizmodo analyzed 5.9 million algorithmic crime predictions. We found they disproportionately target Black & Latino areas.

As I said in the context of climate: any society that tolerates stupid, shallow, emotion-driven women like this, or worse grants them power and influence, is fucking doomed.

Anonymous said...

And of course the Eloi justifies his actions or lack thereof as "I had it coming." "Somehow."

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
You'd think from this headline on Fox that Darrell Brooks is a White guy:
Of course, when you scan the MSM headlines and see Brooks photo, many appear to be whitewashed, showing him to be much lighter skinned than he really is:
Shades of Chris Harper Mercer? The Umpqua college shooter whose picture was photoshopped to make him look White. Either that or they only showed grainy ambiguous looking pictures trying to camouflage his race:

I'd think that at least Fox would know better than to use one of those lightened photos of the Waukesha racist hate crime killer but it's just another sign of their gradual slide to the left.