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WKRN Activist Brett Martin Does Propaganda Work for Racist Communist Would-be Rioters in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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No Show at rally likely to costs thousands
By Brett Martin
October 28, 2017 at 10:21 p.m.

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) - After a morning rally in Shelbyville, close to a thousand counter-protesters showed up in Murfreesboro ready to meet members of the League of the South and other groups this afternoon. Fortunately, for the community, most of them did not show.

[English translation: After a morning rally in Shelbyville, close to a thousand Communist rioters showed up in Murfreesboro planning to maim and murder members of the League of the South and other groups this afternoon.]
"We couldn't have Charlottesville happen again," said Jennifer Edwards.

[Who is Jennifer Edwards? Well, I found out, no thanks to WKRN operative Brett Martin. Why, she’s a racist, Communist, would-be rioter!

“Murfreesboro White Lives Matter rally: Rally-goers weigh in on ...

1 day ago - Weapons are banned from the Murfreesboro Public Square Saturday for the League ... Jennifer Edwards, who plans to be one of the counterprotesters Saturday, ...”]

After weeks of preparations, Shelbyville and Murfreesboro were gearing up for the worse [sic] and hoping for the best.

"Tensions are kind of high right now. People are just walking around right now, angry and upset," explained Deionte Ewing.

[“Angry and upset” about what? Because they missed out on their planned riot? And who is Deionte Ewing? He’s apparently a black high school or college football linebacker.]

People began filling the streets around the courthouse early on Saturday.
"People are trying to come out together. You see all the different signs instead of it being a hate thing," said DemeshriAnna Davis.

[Racists are trying to come out together, against anyone pro-white. And just who is DemeshriAnna Davis? Why, she’s a black supremacist, Black Lives Matter activist. I guess it just sort of slipped Brett Martin’s mind to mention that.]

About two hours after the gates opened, the organizers sent a tweet saying ‘Murfreesboro canceled’ and the event was over.

Some say it is a win for the community with a hefty price tag.

"I own property here so I pay taxes so I'm a little bit upset about what is going to happen. This is all overtime for every single officer here," Edwards said.

[Well, they should be happy. And considering that Edwards appears to support the violent, racist Communists, I can’t say I feel any sympathy for her.]

Officers from around the region were deployed and everyone went through a checkpoint.

"The police force was very strict but I'm happy. I knew it was safe, I had no fear coming on the square today," said Edwards.

While there is no official word on the costs in Rutherford County, the price tag in nearby Shelbyville continues going up with the Bedford County Sheriff’s Department at $10,000 already.

"We definitely lost a lot of money which I feel like was unnecessary as well," one counter-protester told News 2.

[So, a racist Communist who had planned on rioting, and thus maiming and possibly murdering pro-white demonstrators, felt like it was “unnecessary” to pay for police. Surprise, surprise! Why on earth would WKRN operative Brett Martin interview and quote her? Because he supported the racist, Communist rioters, natch!]

With officers in tactical gear, snipers on the roof and outside agencies helping, it is safe to say this no show costs the city and county a pretty penny.

[What on earth were the snipers going to do? Shoot the pro-white demonstrators? We know they weren’t going to shoot any Communist rioters.]

"All these businesses lost so much revenue for nothing," said Edwards.

[Not for nothing; they lost it for you, Miss Edwards.]

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