Thursday, October 12, 2017

Jessica Chambers Murder Trial, Day 2: Juror is Booted, First Responders Testify to Hearing Jessica Chambers say “Eric” Burned Her

By David in TN

A juror just got booted for making a Facebook post complaining about how “It Sucks.” He was a white male. The jury is now seven-to-five black.

Several people at the scene said Jessica Chambers said “Eric.” Most observers see this as a major sticking point regarding a conviction in the case. On the other hand, the victim called herself “Katrina” and other names. It's difficult to imagine the state she was in. One witness testified to asking Chambers if her killer was white or black and she answered “Black.”

A suspicious black male was seen in the area, not ID’d as of yet. There might have been two killers.

Tomorrow (Thursday) the jury will be taken to the scene of the crime, the store where Jessica Chambers was last seen alive, and the suspect’s home.


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