Monday, October 16, 2017

Too Black to Prosecute: Sadistic Black Coach Assaults and Abuses White Girls with Impunity—and He’d Struck Before!

By Jesse Mossman
Mon, Oct 16, 2017 1:48 p.m.

Sadistic black coach will not be prosecuted for injuring girl by forcing her to do splits. I suspect he enjoyed hurting a white girl, but
apparently he is too black to prosecute. Now if a white man did this to a black girl the media would blast this nonstop until they threw away
the key.

At Buzzfeed, of all places!


Anonymous said...

I ve told you about how Grand Rapids has become Little Africa,slowly at first,but now an avalanche of blacks are pouring in.Three to four years ago,there were blacks renting--via section 8--on one side of my house that I had to get evicted for not taking their trash out and fighting in my front yard.
Today,on the other side of my house--in a 1200 a month rental--that two white professionals had lived in(took two jobs to afford it)until August,I found out my new neighbors will be blacks.
They started moving in this morning.The first view I get of one of them,is a black guy with a jeri curl bag
over his hair,watching THREE WHITE GUYS in a moving van,hauling his stuff into the house next to me.
Which leads to the question:Is he a drug dealer?He had all his stuff in crates and boxes(not normal in that aspect)but he doesn't look like a professor--that's for sure--to be able to afford all of these frills.
Basically,it's the worst day for me since the blacks showed up at the other house 4 years ago.They lasted 6 months,and that residence has had only whites living there since.Now a new episode of "Blackish" will be available out my other window every day.Colbert,Kimmel and Seth Meyer should buy MY house if they want to partake in,what I'm sure will be a richly,rewarding experience in diversity.But no,liberals like they are, are liberals because they DON'T live next to ghetto monkeys.
The over/under on the first time I have to call the cops,by the way,is one month.
Wish me luck.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Mc Cain Gets Standing "O" from Biden.
At the Constitutional Center,Democrat John McCain tore into nationalism and received a standing ovation from Joe Biden,who was sitting nearby.
Enough said.
--GR Anonymous