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TCM is Running a Film Noir Double Feature Tomorrow (Sunday, October 15, 2017)



By David in TN
Friday, October 13, 2017 at 7:56:00 P.M. EDT

There is a kind of Noir Double Feature for this Sunday on TCM. At 10 a.m. ET, Sunday October 15, Eddie Muller hosts the regular Film Noir of the Week, Side Street (1950). It stars Farley Granger and Cathy O'Donnell, who are reunited after They Live by Night.

Farley Granger and Jean Hagen in a taxicab

Granger is a part-time mail carrier who seizes a chance to steal a roll of money, a blackmail payoff that belonged to some ruthless hoods who soon come after him.

While delivering the mail to a crooked lawyer's office, he steals a large sum of money he'd seen placed there. Expecting to find a few hundred dollars, Granger finds it was 30 grand. The usual Noir predicament results. A hood employed by the lawyer is played by James Craig, who was thought to be a replacement for Clark Gable when Gable went off to WW II.

Jean Hagen playing a nightclub singer

Funny thing, a 1950 New York street hood is played by an actor in his late 30's, born in Nashville, Tennessee, and a graduate of Rice University. Oh, wait. A street hood in a 21st Century Law and Order episode could be like this.

Side Street was filmed in Manhattan and shows what it looked like in 1950, through what may be the first car chase in a movie.

In my opinion, Side Street is better than They Live by Night.



Right before Side Street, TCM shows Follow Me Quietly (1949) at 8:45 ET.


It stars William Lundigan and Jeff Corey as detectives pursuing a “faceless,” psychopathic serial killer.



Dorothy Patrick

It has a good script and some suspense, directed by Richard Fleischer in an early effort.

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David In TN said...

The TCM Film Noir of the Week for Sunday, October 22 at 10 am ET, is Raw Deal (1948). Dennis O'Keefe plays an escaped convict on the run with his woman, Claire Trevor.

Raymond Burr, in one of his noir "heavy" roles, does something bad to a woman, but gets his just deserts in the end.