Wednesday, October 18, 2017

They Got Him! Feds Have Alleged Spree Shooter Radee Labeeb Prince in Custody

By Nicholas Stix

“We spoke to a woman, Karen Flowers, who says she knows both Prince and the victim.

"Prince is a good guy. He did a bad thing, don't get it twisted. He did a bad thing, terrible thing."

He’s now been arrested 48 times and convicted of 15 felonies so far in the state of Delaware alone, and committed mass murder in Maryland.

Good guy.

At ABC6.


Anonymous said...

Since he crossed Interstate lines to commit his crimes those murders can become a capital case at the federal level with execution perhaps. I would like to think so.

Anonymous said...

Fifteen felony convictions? I thought three and you were away for good. Guess the colored need some sort of special dispensation. They require a lot of dispensation all the time. An incorrigible individual such as this moron needs to get the needle or whatever they use.