Monday, October 16, 2017

New York Daily News Provides Phony Cover Story for Arab Moslem Who Murdered Young Woman, Ted Kennedy-Style, While He was Getting Her to Cheat on Her Boyfriend


Murder victim Harleen Grewal

By An Anonymous Reader

Ahmad, Grewal, Singh, Azam - SHAZAM! Another fine NYC morning rush...
Mon, Oct 16, 2017 1:40 a.m.

Another one for the “minority intersectionality” wreckage files - in this case actual and flaming - of the 3rd-World mess that NYC has become.

The Daily News deserves an award for “most unintentionally comical article headline”:

“Father can’t understand why son fled burning car with passenger trapped inside after Brooklyn crash”

The answer can be summed up conclusively and simply: the father's name is Mohammad Azam, and his son's name is Saeed Azam - fine, honorable, brave Muslims both.

The father's duty is to lie and obfuscate for his son, his son's duty was to leave the dhimmi (“non-believer”), and save his own [butt], leaving her to burn to death in the wreck that resulted from his reckless driving.

“The 23-year-old smashed the luxury Infiniti 35G into a concrete barrier on the Gowanus Expressway.”


The victim's boyfriend, Karan Singh Dhillon

How does a 23-year-old Brooklyn punk afford a “luxury Infinity”?

Back in the day, the best anyone of us could muster at that age was a 10, 15-year-old beater.

“Ahmad was caught on camera hailing a yellow cab early Friday after escaping the roaring flames that killed passenger Harleen Grewal, 25.”

(When was “early”? 2 A.M., 4 A.M., 6 A.M.?)

“Ahmad told police he was dating Grewal, but friends said he was just giving her a ride home.”

[N.S.: “Dating” is prostitute talk for “sleeping with.”]

Didja catch the neat new “journalism” here? Ahmad - the perp - admitted to the police that he was “dating” the victim, but somehow the crack Daily News is saying otherwise, very quickly hunting down and interrogating “friends” (of whom?) who said “he was just giving her a ride home.”

In other words, they feel that this spineless worm of a man should be cut some slack, as the woman in his “luxury” ride was just a “friend” he happened to be taking home, “early Friday.”

But wait - her REAL boyfriend - a man by the name of Karan Singh Dhillon - told the News that “She would do anything for people.” Apparently that included getting into the car of a [dirtbag] with a suspended license, incapable of handling this “luxury” car that he somehow had in his possession.

This [crap] seems to be happening on a daily basis in this city, and who the hell knows how many other places in this nation now. Welcome to the new “normal.”

N.S.: It turns out the 25-year-old victim was from India. Her boyfriend was a Sikh, so she was probably one, too.

This is significant, because had Saeed Azam cuckolded a Moslem, there would have been hell to pay, including the life of the woman involved. (Unlike whites and Hispanics who, if they killed anyone for cheating, would have killed the other man, Moslem men always kill their own woman/relative/whatever, even when she was raped.)

The fact that Azam considered his victim his inferior—to him, she was no better than a prostitute—made it that much easier to let her be burned alive.

There are other perps in this incident: New York Daily News alleged reporters, Aaron Showalter and Denis Slattery, Head of Content Zach Haberman and Arthur Browne, editor-in-chief and publisher of the New York Daily News.

At the New York Daily News.


Murder suspect Saeed Azam

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