Monday, October 23, 2017

Riot in Marble Falls Leaves One Dead, Two Known Perps at Large, and Police Who Refuse to Say Who They are

By A Texas Reader

“Police said when [sic] arrived at the altercation, they found Fermin Rios-Padilla injured after he was run over by a vehicle. Multiple others were also found injured at the scene after being pierced with knives and struck by baseball bats”

N.S.: The url, which says “Two Arrested after Early Morning Brawl that Left One Dead in Marble Falls,” contradicts the story.


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jeigheff said...

This kind of local "news reporting" is the standard here in Austin/central Texas. The lack of very little real information makes me wonder why these accounts are even published. Maybe the editors behind these stories genuinely want their readers to be confused and frustrated.

Central Texas might be no worse than other parts of the nation in this regard. The rot has made its way here.