Monday, October 16, 2017

“Not Guilty”; Chaos in the Courtroom! Foreman in Jessica Chambers Murder Trial Tried to Slip in an Acquittal of Defendant Quinton Tellis, Even Though Several Jurors Voted Guilty! Another Juror Had to Pipe Up in Open Court, to Stop Travesty of Justice

By David in TN

JESSICA CHAMBERS VERDICT WATCH: Jury sent back for more deliberations
By Eryn Taylor

Prosecutors said Tellis doused the women [sic] in gasoline then set her on fire and left her to die on a country road near Courtland.

N.S.: There’s a video and tweets from reporter Bridget Chapman at WREG.

The judge is now being very careful, and no longer trusting the jury foreman. He keeps repeating to the jury the instructions he had given it before deliberations began, but which the foreman, Mr. Lamkin, had ignored, that the verdict must be unanimous.

I wonder what Mr. Lamkin’s background could possibly be.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Let me guess...Mr. Lamkin is a negro! Of course, it could simply be stupidity and he simply doesn't understand what unanimous means. Or he keeps forgetting.

I hate to state the obvious but does anyone doubt this jury is split right along racial lines? Hopefully the whites aren't cowards and won't let the racist negroes bully them into an acquittal. Sounds like at least a few are sticking to their guns, so far. I think the best to be hoped for is a mistrial of some kind and then if the prosecution is smart, get an all white jury so the box isn't filled with racists.

jeigheff said...

Thank God the other juror(s) spoke up. Lamkin must think he can get away with anything, including murder.

Elliot Foley said...

I have very little sympathy for Jessica Chambers and the Eloi tax she ultimately paid with her own life for beliefs. Some relationships are easier to get into than to get out of. Sadly, that will be the last lesson she ever learned.