Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Manhunt! Obama Hire, Black Machinist Radee Labeeb Prince Working at Maryland Business Park for Only Four Months Commits Mass Murder, Shooting 5, Killing 3, and Leaving 3 in Critical Condition


Suspected war criminal, Radee Labeeb Prince--see how proud he is?

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

3 Killed, 2 Critically Wounded in Shooting at Business Park in Edgewood
WBAL Radio 1090 AM

A manhunt is on for Radee Labeeb Prince, who authorities say has a criminal history.

[Make that a very lengthy criminal history. This is one of the violent, black, career criminals whom the John Doe calling himself himself “Barack Obama” forced white employers to hire.]


Anonymous said...

47 FELONIES!!!If you can believe Negro Nightly News,which gave perfunctory coverage,then switched,for 5 minutes,to Trump,supposedly insulting widows of dead US Troops--according to a black female politician(whose name escapes me).

Anonymous said...

Frederika Wilson is the congress-negress that slandered Trump.The dead US soldier was black,so Wilson decided to do what ALL BLACKS DO---LIE.
--GR Anonymous