Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Do Black NBA Players Deliberately Try to Hurt White Ones?

By Jerry PDX
Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 4:27:00 P.M. EDT

When I watch this video I have to wonder.

Gordon Hayward of the Celtics goes up for an alley-oop, and LeBron James bumps him from the front. That might not have been so bad, because he at least saw that coming, but Jae Crowder body slams him from behind while he was high in the air, causing him to land awkwardly and break his foot. He's likely out for the season.

It's a gruesome injury; don't watch unless you have a strong stomach.

When you undercut somebody from behind like that when they are leaping for a high lob, there will almost certainly be a high-impact slam to the floor.

There's an unspoken rule about hitting someone like that when they are skying high for a lob, but apparently the rule was suspended due to reasons having to do with race.

I've written about this before, but it bears repeating. I've played plenty of rat ball in my life, and sometimes been the only white guy on the court. I know from experience black players will deliberately try to hurt white ones. My nose was broken from a deliberately swung elbow toward my head and seen other similar injuries from the same and the usual suspects.

LeBron James is a noted racist, and I don't doubt his homey Crowder shares his bigotry, so they have to remind one of the few legit white stars in the NBA not to get too uppity and play too well, or there will be consequences. After all, they got whitey outnumbered.


Anonymous said...

Making pay for yesterday the Black Panthers used to say.

Anonymous said...

Horrific injury.Though he doesn't think this was a fortunate turn of events now,Hayward can live a life away from the gorillas for the rest of his life,if he chooses.Not like the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

The Rudy T/Kermit Washington felony(1977)--that wasn't--showed the racial hatred that blacks have for white players.THAT was obvious and blatant.Now I'm sure it's more subtle.Like a catcher in baseball,letting a fastball get by his glove to hit an umpire he might have a problem with,the tricks to get whitey are inside tricks.This incident will never be spoken of again OR suggested as a purposeful racist move to injure.Hayward may come back in a year or two.I would not.For what?
--GR Anonymous

Nicholas said...

If Hayward ever comes back, it will be as a diminished, marginalized player. He'll never be the same.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Some good news at least, turns out it isn't a broken ankle or foot but a broken tibia and a dislocated ankle. Won't require reconstructive surgery after all, which would mean he's definitely out for the season, if not longer and could have had a long term effect on his career. As it is there is a possibility he could come back by the end of the year and he should be able to return to full strength. The negro racists will be disappointed that he's coming back so soon but they will have succeeded in robbing a year out of his career.

If you watch the media coverage all they will say is that he was "bumped" by LeBron, which is true, but nobody will mention the obvious, if you watch the video, undercut from behind from Crowder. They focus on bump in front because it wasn't so bad because Hayward saw that coming and could have braced himself for the fall, the undercut from behind is what caused the out of control fall and the injury. As par for the course the media is covering up for the black man when he reveals his racist bias on camera, even if somebody decides to point out it was Crowders cheap shot that caused the injury, they'll say it was an "accident". Yeah sure, accidentally "on purpose" is what it is. Negroes do it all the time in sports, especially against white players.

Anonymous said...

"As par for the course the media is covering up for the black man"

The media does not inform. The media job is to tell you what you must think.

Anonymous said...

the tricks to get whitey are inside tricks - of course - the less intelligent do this out of pure hatred. They are probably laughing about it and feeling very proud of themselves. Once you've had something like this done to you, you will never look at this people the same way. Watch your back.