Thursday, October 19, 2017

Spree Shooter Radee Labeeb Prince was a One-Man Crime Wave Who Got a Free Ride from the Delaware Criminal Justice System



By An Anonymous Reader

As stated, this animal enjoyed almost 20 years of “affirmative action justice” for innumerable felonious assaults that would have guaranteed prison time virtually anywhere else: from a reading of this article, it appears that he was never convicted of anything that resulted in a jail sentence: astonishing.

Looks like the district attorney's office in Wilmington, along with the State AG, have some type of disability preventing them from performing the duties of their office and properly prosecuting violent, recidivist criminals like this.

N.S.: He repeatedly skipped out on court dates, but instead of hunting him down, and charging him additionally, prosecutors would reward him by dropping the previous charges, and declining to charge him for being a fugitive. In other words, the more crimes he committed, the more prosecutors rewarded him.

This is not unusual today. In Baltimore, Freddie Gray’s arrest record contained all sorts of charges without dispositions. In Atlanta, Shamal Thompson committed one felony after another, without ever being punished, as judges and prosecutors kept issuing him black-man-gets-out-of-jail-free cards, until he murdered Eugenia Jeanne Calle. Meanwhile, in New York, Daryl Thomas committed one First-Degree Rape after another, but the NYPD kept giving him freebies, writing up his forcible rapes as “trespassing.”

Reno Hightower ·
Wilmington, Delaware
Another ghetto turd who shouldn't of even been walking the streets plus 42 times arrested is a joke....smh

Matt Riemann ·
University of Delaware
What about all the articles your rag paper has written about “criminal justice reform?” This is it. It’s been reformed. The AG’s office and courts hardly ever put people away for long periods of time after multiple felony convictions. This guy proves it. So can we stop with the vote pandering criminal justice reform talk?

Rick Schumacher
Maybe someone from Delaware's lenient judicial system would like to explain to the victims loved ones why this FN POS was allowed on the streets to continue his felonious lifestyle. Maybe judges and prosecutors should start being held responsible for their poor decisions.

“Mass shooting suspect: many prior arrests, few convictions” (Wilmington News Journal, Oct 18, '17)


Anonymous said...

Sorry to repeat myself,but Trump and Sessions need to build prisons for these types of criminals (mostly black).Tomorrow,another niglomaniac will decide,"Today is the day I will kill some whites"-possibly because he heard on various criminally inflammatory news shows(Negro Nightly News,for example),football games,sit coms,CNN,MSNBC--that blacks are being persecuted by whitey.
And he will do so.Then the next day and week and month and so forth,he will do it again--kill innocent whites.President Trump,make America great again--remove these felons from our streets and neighborhoods.

--GR Anonymous

Pax Romana said...

Black Man Arrested For Assaulting a Disabled White Man As Revenge For Slavery

"A 27-year-old black man has been charged with a hate crime after assaulting a white, disabled, homeless passenger as revenge for slavery.

WJLA reports Marquis Evans-Royster and the victim were riding the Washington D.C. Metrobus system at the time of the incident. Evans-Royster approached the 52-year-old victim, looked him directly in the eye, and said, “You owe me for making my grandmother a slave.”

Evans-Royster also reportedly spit on the victim’s face and searched through his pockets. While on the bus, he also allegedly yelled, “All white people are evil” and that the white passengers on the bus “should die.”

In addition to spitting on his face, Evans-Royster also threatened to throw urine on the victim. Throwing urine has apparently become a recent trend on the Metrobus.

Evans-Royster was arrested by Metro Transit Police and has been charged with a hate crime and various other offenses. He faces up to 30 years in jail.

Despite the fact the incident met the threshold for a hate crime, one of the people people interviewed by WJLA said the assault was because people feel “desperate.”

70-year-old Tyrone Kenney said the assault “speaks to the state of the times.”

"People are desperate, they're looking for leadership, they're looking for guidance, but they're not getting it at home, they're not getting it from government. It's a period of time I've never seen before,” he continued."

Pax Romana said...

Racist White Men Demand Muslim Cashier 'Leave This Country,' Push Over Man in Wheelchair on episode of Fox’s ‘Star’ (Watch video)

"In the October 18 episode of Fox’s Star, titled "It Ain't Over," the paralyzed Black Lives Matter activist boyfriend of Alexandra (Ryan Destiny), Derek (Quincy Brown), is encouraged to stop moping around the house and get out to start living his life again. He musters up the courage to do so but it doesn’t end well.

A very frustrated Alex is at her wits end to get Derek back to living a somewhat normal life. She tells him he needs to do what he was doing before he was injured at a Black Lives Matter protest by encouraging him to attend a BLM meeting. Of course. Instead, he gets out in his wheelchair and goes to the store. As a fellow shopper is helping him retrieve an item off a high shelf, Derek hears an argument coming from the cashier and a customer.

The cashier is a Muslim woman in a hijab and the customer was a white man and his brother. In order to drive the point home that white men are racist, the older brother berates the cashier as she asks for his I.D. when he asks to purchase two packs of cigarettes. It went downhill from there."

David In TN said...

A Google search reveals this atrocity hasn't received any national coverage as of Thursday morning.

Chicago guy said...

How does somebody manage to get arrested 42 times? Why would any company hire a walking time bomb with that sort of rap sheet? That company introduced this dangerous person into the workplace for what reason? This makes little sense. There's lots of people who could use a job who aren't violent criminals so why hire one that's apparently such a risk?

rodger james said...

It’s not a justice system. It’s a legal system. We see less an less justice everyday especially for powerful people.

Anonymous said...

Why would any company hire a walking time bomb with that sort of rap sheet? Answer - the company that was getting 50% of his pay from some government program and getting municipal, state and federal tax breaks for hiring a con.

The death penalty sounds reasonable to me for this person.