Tuesday, October 17, 2017

White Juror Averts Another Emmett Till Jury in Mississippi; Crooked Jury Foreman Ignored Jury Vote, and Tried to Acquit Monster in Jessica Chambers Murder Trial

By Nicholas Stix

Sixty-two years after the fact, we constantly hear about Emmett Till, the 14-year-old black angel who was murdered in Money, Mississippi by Roy Bryant and his half-brother, J.W. Milam, after he had sought to get a married white woman, Carolyn Bryant, to sleep with him. (Yes, I know, the whole thing has since been revised into a racial fairy tale, in which Till was murdered for breathing while black. I’ll deal with that another time.)

In that case, the jury hearing the murder charge against Bryant and Milam took just enough time to order cokes, for appearance’s sake, before returning to the courtroom, and declaring the killers “not guilty.”

This time, instead of an all-white jury, it was a racially split one—six blacks and six whites, at first. Then, after one white man got himself kicked off for complaining on Facebook, it became seven blacks and five whites.

Panola County DA John Champion watered down justice, to the point of taking the death penalty (i.e., justice) off the table, but it didn’t help one bit.

This case was not a close call. One expert from the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, investigator Tim Douglas, had testified that through triangulating the cell phones, he had been able to determine that defendant Quinton Tellis had been with victim Jessica Chambers up until at most four minutes before her murder. A forensic investigator testified that Chambers’ car keys, which her murderer had thrown away, after setting her and her car on fire, had Tellis’ DNA on them.

The jury foreman, Mr. Lamkin, passed a piece of paper to the clerk. Either the clerk or Judge Gerald Chatham read aloud, “Not guilty.”

A white juror piped up that the jury was not unanimous.

The black jurors who voted to acquit had never deliberated. They had decided, from the get-go, that they were going to help out a brother, no matter how monstrous he was. After all, the victim was only a white girl.

The mainstream media spun the verdict that the jury was “confused.” That’s a bald-faced lie. Judge Gerald Chatham had instructed the jury that the verdict had to be unanimous. The black jurors voting to acquit simply decided that the white jurors’ votes didn’t matter. Mr. Lamkin (Lampkin?), the jury foreman, simply acted as if the whites were invisible, and handed the clerk a verdict of “Not guilty.” [Judge declares mistrial in Jessica Chambers case after confused jury comes up with split not guilty verdict by David Boroff, New York Daily News, Tuesday, October 17, 2017, 9:27 A.M.]

CNN claimed that “most jurors” had voted guilty. That would have to mean at least what, nine?

There appeared to be confusion among jurors before the judge declared the mistrial. The jury said it had reached a verdict and the court clerk read the not-guilty verdict recorded on a piece of paper. But at the prosecution's request, the judge polled the jury, and most jurors said their vote was guilty. [Mistrial declared in burning death of Mississippi teen by Jamiel Lynch and Darran Simon, CNN, Updated 11:19 P.M. ET, Mon October 16, 2017.]
However, CNN also suggested that the final jury had six blacks, rather than seven.

The judge should have thrown Lamkin off the jury, after the latter sought to subvert justice, and had him charged with obstruction of justice, but he let him remain. (I know, such charges are never lain against criminal black jurors.) However, the judge no longer trusted Lamkin, and would later repeatedly emphasize the requirement of jury unanimity, and carefully go through pages of documents.

The AP/NBC News reported today (sotto voce) that the foreman tried a second time to ram through an illegal acquittal, but that doesn’t sound right to me.
BATESVILLE, Miss. — The jury in the tense murder trial of a Mississippi man charged with setting a 19-year-old friend on fire and leaving her to die handed a bailiff a note: They have reached a verdict.

What followed was confusion.

Before the decision was read, Judge Gerald Chatham asked if the 12-person panel had unanimously agreed on a verdict. A male juror spoke the shocking words: “We didn’t all agree.”…

After the verdict disagreement, the judge asked the panel to continue deliberating. Shortly afterward, a court clerk read what was believed to be the final verdict: Not guilty.

Tellis’ relatives smiled. Chambers’ family cried.

Then, the judge polled the jury. Seven for guilty, five for not guilty. [Jessica Chambers Case: Mistrial Declared in Death of Teenager Burned Alive by Associated Press, Oct 17 2017, 10:53 a.m. ET]
If the foregoing AP/NBC News report is correct, and I’m wrong, it is even more incriminating of Lamkin, the jury foreman. It would mean that Lamkin repeatedly disobeyed the Judge’s orders. It would also mean that likely two blacks voted to convict.

DA Champion said there will be a re-trial.

The courts have invented a constitutional right for blacks to subvert the criminal justice system, and blacks are running with it.

Blacks, who constitute 13.3% of America’s “residents,” commit the majority of the murders in this country.

The American jury system is dead, which means the American criminal justice system is dead. Can a diverse America, in which colored criminals run amok, endure without a criminal justice system?


David In TN said...

Looking at this trial makes you reflect we were lucky the Knoxville Horror trials went as well as they did.

Anonymous said...

CNN:Most WHITE jurors voted guilty...is what it should have read.Most(or all) BLACK jurors voted to acquit the sociopathic,racially motivated black thug.CNN needs to try a little honest reporting--people can read right through the sanctimonous, politically correct editing anyways.But CNN doesn't want to lose their massive audience of a couple million liberal idiots,do they?
--Gr Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"The American jury system is dead, which means the American criminal justice system is dead. "

Barry Goldwater was correct when he said minorities run this country. Systems and traditions and laws in place for generations done away with in a flash.

Anonymous said...

"Looking at this trial makes you reflect we were lucky the Knoxville Horror trials went as well as they did."

I wouldn't be so sure we have heard the last of that case.

Anonymous said...

So black jury foreman gets away with twice trying to cheat on vote. As blacks see that nothing happens when they try to subvert the jury process, soon they will be threatening the white jurors to vote their way. Or maybe this is already happening? I suspect timid jurors are already afraid or feel guilty for opposing black jurors.

Anonymous said...

(CNN)A gunman is on the loose after shooting five people -- killing three -- at a Maryland business on Wednesday morning, authorities say.

Radee Labeeb Prince, 37, is believed to have shot five people at Advanced Granite Solutions at the Emmorton Business Park in Edgewood, roughly 30 miles northeast of Baltimore, Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler told reporters in a news conference.
The five people shot are believed to be employees of the business, and the two injured were in serious condition in a hospital Wednesday morning, Gahler said.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Do black NBA players deliberately try to hurt white ones? When I watch this video I have to wonder. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRe-AdlD4uQ
Gordon Hayward of the Celtics goes for an alley oop and LeBron James bumps him front the front, that might not have been so bad because he at least saw that coming but Jae Crowder body slams him from behind while he was high in the air causing him to land awkwardly and break his foot. He's likely out for the season. It's a gruesome injury, don't watch unless you have a strong stomach. When you undercut somebody from behind like that when they are leaping for a high lob, there will almost certainly be a high impact slam to the floor, there's an unspoken rule about hitting someone like that when they are skying high for a lob but apparently the rule was suspended due to reasons having to do with race. I've written about this before but it bears repeating. I've played plenty of rat ball in my life and sometimes been the only white guy on the court, I know from experience black players will deliberately try to hurt white ones. My nose was broken from a deliberately swung elbow toward my head and seen other similar injuries from the same and the usual suspects. LeBron James is a noted racist and I don't doubt his homey Crowder shares his bigotry, so they have to remind one of the few legit white stars in the NBA not to get to uppity and play too well or there will be consequences. After all, they got whitey outnumbered.