Friday, October 13, 2017

White School Hate Crime Victim Gets Suspended for Cursing After being Sucker-Punched and Brutally Beaten by Racist Black Thug (Video)

By Pax Romana58
Friday, October 13, 2017 at 4:45:00 A.M. EDT

White Special Needs Student Attacked by Black in Delaware High School Cafeteria (Video)

[The Black student who viciously and repeatedly punched the white kid was charged with "offensive touching". To see what the Liberal school board considered "offensive touching" when a white student is attacked, watch the video.]

A Delaware high school student with special needs was assaulted by another student and then suspended for using inappropriate language.

Now, the victim’s mom says her son doesn’t want to go back to school.

Rose Boyles said her son, Josh, was beat up in the Caesar Rodney High School cafeteria after an argument with another student over a girl.

Just when her son thought the argument seemed to be over, felt a punch to the back of his head, Boyles said. And the blows kept coming.

“The boy jumped over the table and continued to punch my son,” Boyles said.

A video showed her son attempting to protect his head as the second student threw punch after punch. Josh remained on the ground for the duration of the attack.

After the ordeal ended, Josh was suspended for two days while the student who punched him was charged with offensive touching.

“It’s more than offensive touching,” Boyles said. “It is actual assault.”

[N.S.: Assault and battery.]

Josh, who has special needs, refuses to return to school and Boyles said she wouldn’t feel comfortable sending him there anyway.

Caesar Rodney High School said in a statement that “disciplinary action was taken and an arrest was made."
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Anonymous said...

Attacking a handicapped person [or a special needs whatever the type of need] is always an egregious offense. Punishment more severe than normal.