Friday, October 20, 2017

Maloney, Baloney! Three at CBS Sports Win Duranty-Blair Awards for Journalistic Infamy, for Cover-Up of Racist Maiming of White Boston Celtics Star Gordon Hayward by Cleveland Cavaliers Jae Crowder and LeBron James

By Nicholas Stix

“The NBA's hyped season-opening game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics was derailed within a few minutes. New Celtics star Gordon Hayward went up for a lob, bumped into LeBron James in mid-air and landed awkwardly. The result was a gruesome lower leg injury that the Celtics are calling a dislocated ankle and fractured tibia.” [Gordon Hayward's ankle injury and road to recovery, as explained by a medical expert, by Jack Maloney @jackmaloneycbs, at CBS Sports,
Oct 18, 2017.]

That was the first paragraph of a thing by CBS Sports operative Jack Maloney. “Thing” is the term I use in place of an obscenity, for an obscene propaganda exercise on behalf of evil by media, academic, and political operatives.

The first paragraph tells a lie of omission, which makes the rest a wordy smoke screen. Blah, blah, blah. For 1,690 words, but it seems like 3,000.

Maloney interviewed a certified athletic trainer Jeff Stotts, on the extent of Hayward’s injury, and what his rehabilitation will likely entail. Normally, such an article would be enlightening, but in this case, it’s deceptive. The real story is what was done to one of the game’s biggest white stars by two black players, one of whom is an open racist and the game’s biggest star.

Gordon Hayward was sandwiched. LeBron James bumped him from in front, while Jae Crowder knocked him down from behind. And yet, nowhere in the above thing, does Jack Maloney so much as mention Jae Crowder.

(I call media items “things” that otherwise could only be described with obscenities.)

If Maloney thought the sandwich was innocent, why did he withhold all mention of Crowder?

LeBron James is a notorious racist, and supporter of blacks who assassinate or attempt to assassinate white policemen, while telling blood libels about the “racial profiling” of people who are, in fact, murderous black felons of all ages.

I don’t know about Rae Crowder, but non-racist blacks in the NBA are a rare breed. In any event, Crowder’s act speaks for itself.

Crowder and James put a hit on Gordon Hayward, and deliberately destroyed his career. Whites who support the black supremacist NBA are pathetic quislings.

I am also bestowing on Maloney’s bosses at CBS Sports, Sean McManus, Chairman, and David Berson, President, Duranty-Blair awards.

The Duranty-Blair Award recognizes those journalists whose work embodies the spirit of Walter Duranty and Jayson Blair, two of the most notorious journalists in the history of the Fourth Estate. It is no accident that both men worked for the New York Times.

Walter Duranty wrote a series of early 1930s dispatches from the Soviet Union, where he was Times Moscow bureau chief, in which he lied about the Ukrainian Holocaust, in which Stalin deliberately starved millions of Kulaks (farmers) to death, through a man-made famine. Instead of reporting the truth, Duranty reported that the peasants were happy and well-fed, and was rewarded for his lies with a Pulitzer Prize.

Jayson Blair (here, here, and here) was an early 2000s black affirmative action hire, who alternately plagiarized reporters at other newspapers, and fabricated articles out of whole cloth, all for stories set hundreds and even thousands of miles away, while he sat in New York City cafés.

Previous Duranty-Blair winners are:

CBS News producer Mary Mapes in 2004;

Seven reporters and editors at the New Orleans Times-Picayune in 2006;

ABC News reporter Brian Ross in 2012;

Peter Berger (not the brilliant sociologist), of The American Interest, in 2013;

Associated Press operative Tom Hays, in 2014;

New York Times operative Farhad Manjoo in September, 2016;

CNN’s Symone Sanders (2), Don Lemon, and Kate Bolduan (2), in November 2016;

New York Times Propaganda Officer Francis X. Clines in March 2017;

CNN Activist Jim Sciutto, in May 2017; and

Associated Press “Reporter” Duncan Mansfield (posthumous), in September 2017.


Anonymous said...

(ESPN)CHICAGO -- Bobby Portis has apologized to his Bulls teammates for getting into a fight that left Nikola Mirotic with facial fractures and a concussion.

"He didn't address us today, but he did address the team before so that was taken care of," Bulls swingman Justin Holiday said after Friday's practice.

Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg acknowledged that Portis' apology took place during a team meeting but did not want to go into specific details about his message.

"I'll keep that between the team," Hoiberg said, "as far as exactly what was said in that meeting."

Portis, who has declined to speak to the media for now, practiced Friday for the first time since Tuesday's incident. He was suspended eight games for punching Mirotic.

"It was good to have him back in here," Hoiberg said of Portis. "Obviously everybody's looking forward to getting Niko back in here as well, hopefully soon."

Mirotic, who was not in the building, is expected to miss at least four weeks because of his injuries.
GRA:This is hardly being mentioned anywhere.I accidently ran into it and the first question is:how is Bobby Portis not in jail for assault and battery.The incident is being kept quiet by the Bulls--as it's an obvious racial blowup.How can Mirotic--an excellent white shooter--imported from Europe,play on the same team as Portis?One of them has got to go before Mirotic comes back from his injuries.I'll keep you posted when that occurs,
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Here's more:
(SBNation)hicago Bulls forward Nikola Mirotic has been hospitalized and is out indefinitely after a fight with teammate Bobby Portis at Tuesday’s practice, according to Shams Charania of Yahoo! Sports.

Portis has been suspended for eight games for his role in the incident, the team announced. Mirotic will miss 4-6 weeks with the injury, according to team president John Paxson.

Portis reportedly struck Mirotic in the face with an alleged “cheap shot” following a shoving match during practice. However, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Portis threw a punch after Mirotic charged at him following an escalating conflict.

The players had been talking trash to one another in practice, going back and forth before those exchanges escalated into a physical encounter, league sources told ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. Mirotic charged at Portis twice before Portis threw a punch and connected with Mirotic's face, league sources said. Mirotic dropped to the floor and lay there for several minutes before getting up, league sources said.
Mirotic suffered a fractured bone in his face and sustained a concussion, according to the team. He could need surgery. The two veterans had been vying for minutes in Chicago’s rotation.

Anonymous said...

Another white basketball player gone. His career over too I might assume. Negroes hate it when a whitey guy can out-do them at basketball. Sure it was a deliberate and malicious attack. Sure.

Anonymous said...

Accepting the award for Maloney--is rumored to be--Lesta(we've got sources in the Cabinet) Holt.
--GR Anonymous