Monday, October 23, 2017

Salon: Nicholas Stix is Not a Conservative Worth Following!

By Jerry PDX
Sunday, October 22, 2017 at 11:35:00 P.M. EDT

Salon has released its list of the top 25 acceptable “conservatives.”

I hate to break it to you Nicholas, but you didn’t make the cut. Personally, I think you should be honored. Any worthy conservative should be embarrassed as hell to be thought of as “acceptable” by “Salon.”

Kilgore Trout
Atticus Goldfinch
Tim Carlson
Tim Miller
Ana Navarro
Richard W. Painter
Jennifer Rubin
Ben Howe
Haley Byrd
Josh Jordan
Bill Kristol
John Weaver
Tom Nichols
Kat Timpf
Stuart Stevens
Noah Rothman
Jay Caruso
Rick Wilson
S.E. Cupp
John Podhoretz
David Frum
Stephen Hayes

Here is an amusing take on the nonsense:

At News Busters.

[N.S.: Full disclosure: I was booted from Twitter on February 23, but that had no effect on Salon’s decision. It wanted pc RINOs.]


Anonymous said...

They used to have something of the same sort in the old Soviet Union. The accepted or the approved author. He/she is in favor or maybe out of favor. YES!

Anonymous said...

"This is not who we are."
The anthem of the liberals,the anti-Trump forces.
Jeff Flake said he will not run again in Arizona,then McCain(of course),gushed about him,for standing up for his principles.
Flake repeated the mantra of the libs as he spoke to the Senate.
"Look for the good in people."
Frankly,that's not realistic in the case of many of our citizens (see all the stories on this site).Black crime is rampant,Mexicans close behind.
We had two murders in 24 hours yesterday (I don't even send these in anymore--it's normal).Are these good people?Which people is Jeff Flake specifically talking about,that are supposed to be so wonderful?
Late last night,a black was shot dead at an apartment on the NE side.I totally predicted another murder shortly thereafter.Around 2pm,a "suspicious death"was announced on the SW side--at an apartment.No details 24 hours later.
Flake,Corker,McCain will not be missed.
--GR Anonymous