Tuesday, October 31, 2017

“Allahu Akbar!” Moslem Attack Using Home Deport Truck Near Old World Trade Center Leaves 6 8 Dead so Far, over One Dozen Wounded; Jake Tapper Says of Islamic War Cry, “What is sometimes said under the most beautiful circumstances”; Former Stupidity Director James Clapper: “I always wonder what moves people to do that”

By Nicholas Stix

Reporters gathered round witnesses, but they didn’t want to know essential information. One white female operative asked a 30-something, indoctrinated-sounding white guy who had come along after the fact, “What did he look like? Was he tall, short?” The “witness” said, “He was a larger man.” That’s pc speak for obese.

The operative didn’t want to know the essentials: What was his race and/or ethnicity?

Another female operative interviewed a working-class white guy, and kept trying to put words in his mouth, and he kept correcting her.

He repeatedly made clear that he hadn’t seen the carnage as it happened, which the female operative kept trying t say he’d said, but he did see victims lying in the street, including a couple that appeared to be dead (something like, “they weren’t here”). He said he heard “nine, ten shots,” and that all sorts of cops ran past him, to the scene where the Home Deport truck had stopped, including ESU (Emergency Services Unit—the NYPD version of SWAT).

In CNN studio: “You have to be right 100% of the time.” (That may have been Jake Tapper.)

Definitely Jake Tapper: “This is a horrific attack. Not to belittle it, but why haven’t we seen more (attacks)?”

“A radical Islamic attack…”

Well, at least he said “radical Islamic.”

Wolf Blitzer then observed that “Allahu Akbar” is often shouted during terrorist attacks, which but then misrepresented the phrase as meaning “God is great.” Correction: It means “Allah is great.”

The terrorist reportedly drove for over 20 blocks the wrong way on a bike path, mowing down riders.

The terrorist reportedly had a fake gun. If that is true, then the “nine, ten shots” that one earwitness heard would have been from the cops.

Bad news: The cops failed to kill the Moslem. They reportedly shot him once in the leg.

Cops have for generations been taught to aim at center mass, in order to immediately put down the threat. Three of the many reasons they have been taught to try and clip violent perps in a leg or arm, is that:

• That means aiming at a much smaller target;
• The danger of a missed shot or ricochet hitting a civilian is much higher; and
• Such a wound will not stop a felon with a loaded firearm from continuing to shoot.

Further, the failure to kill the terrorist means that overwhelmingly white taxpayers will be on the hook for millions for his trial and incarceration.

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