Saturday, October 28, 2017

This Ain't Hill Street Blues Anymore--or is It? Shocking Video from Pittsburgh Shows Obvious Hate Crime, Onlookers Who Rob, Video, and Take Selfies of Unconscious Vic, but Local Anchors are Baffled by “Motive,” and National MSM Give Vic the Silent Treatment

By Reader-Researcher A.L.

CBS Pittsburgh
Published on Oct 26, 2017

It’s a breathtaking, horrifying and jaw-dropping moment caught on surveillance video which has Pittsburgh Police investigating and deeply concerned; KDKA's Marty Griffin reports.

N.S.: Pittsburgh is 26.1% black.

At KDKA/Pittsburgh CBS affiliate.

No matter how realistic Hill Street Blues, which was set in Pittsburgh was, it was rarely brutal enough.

See the Masterpiece Pilot of Hill Street Blues, the Cop Show that Revolutionized TV Drama before Cable!

(I was looking to post the original intro theme from 1981, but either the sound was lousy, or a poster misrepresented an episode from years later as being from the first season. It was easy to catch the misrepresentation, because the opening had Robert Prosky as the desk sergeant, instead of Michael Conrad. I was left instead to post the entire pilot, or at least Part I of it. The great theme music begins at exactly 3:00 in.)

Hill Street Blues S01E01, Hill Street Station Pilot | Full Episode


Anonymous said...

The attack apparently totally 100 % unprovoked. The woman a drug addict yes but not in the slightest manner deserving such treatment. The utter callousness, indifference, the taking advantage of an injured person needs not even be commented upon.

Anonymous said...

Many days,26% seems like 75%--I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Just saw the clip.The white woman is an addict.That means she lives with the blacks--who keep her addicted.The black thug knew her--maybe it was a payback for not having sex with him and 5 other monkeys.If she's not dead from this incident,she will be in the future.
This is how blackie takes whitey down to his level.Turn them into powerless drug addicts.
There are a multitude of stories of the opioid crisis on my TV all the time.The #1 thing to realize about taking heroin is,after the third of fourth time,your brain changes.You can't go back.
So the stories I see about Dayton,Ohio (or Anywhere USA)are that,from looking out their windows,people see drug dealers giving free samples away.The race is not mentioned,but the video always shows a black drug dealer preying on whitey.
Whitey is where the money is.In this case in Pittsburgh,the woman has been swallowed up by the blacks.They own her--and this is what they do their white slaves.Just a reinforcement of what I already know.

Anonymous said...

(CHICAGO TRIBUNE) The mess that is the Bobby Portis-Nikola Mirotic saga continued Thursday.

As has been the case since Portis drew an eight-game suspension for breaking two bones in Mirotic's face and causing a concussion with an Oct. 17 practice punch, it overshadowed the on-court happenings as the Bulls avoided their first 0-4 start in 10 years with a 91-86 victory over the Hawks.

First, coach Fred Hoiberg said Mirotic didn't get cleared via the league's concussion protocol after visiting a specialist on Wednesday.

Then, sources said Mirotic's camp has made clear to management that Mirotic wouldn't veto a trade, a change of heart for the forward who long has professed his and his family's desire to remain in Chicago. Mirotic has the right to veto a trade because the two-year, $27 million deal he signed in restricted free agency has a team option on the second year.

Whatever happens, this development speaks to the widespread belief surrounding the situation that Mirotic and Portis can't co-exist moving forward. In fact, one source said the situation is playing out toward a "me or him" trade demand.

Mirotic can't be traded until Jan. 15.
GRA:The way this is starting,with the Bulls getting on Mirotic's case about concussion protocol,is not a good sign for Mirotic.If the Bulls choose to keep
Portis over Nikola,I will drop them as a team to root for.I loved the Bulls since 1970,when they had a great team consisting of Jerry Sloan,Norm VanLier,Tom Boerwinkle,Chet Walker and Bob Love.Some lean years after they moved on,but by 1984,it was Jordan time.If they keep Portis I will wash my hands of them--EASILY.
---GR Anonymous