Monday, October 23, 2017

Stare-Downs, Microaggressions, and Macroaggressions

By Jerry PDX
Sunday, October 22, 2017 at 11:18:00 P.M. EDT

[Re: “A New York Stare of Mind.”]

I'm the kind of white man that gets the stare virtually every time I step outside and there are black men.

It's relentless and incessant.

I've never had a black woman try to stare me down. They give me appraising looks because I have a look that seems to appeal to them (though the interest is rarely returned), black men are sharply aware of that and are deeply resentful about it. Also, if you are athletic looking, have an appearance of education and intelligence, black men will be even more resentful toward you than most other whites.

I'm not claiming great intelligence, I'll let my words and thought processes speak for that, I'll only claim moderate educational achievement and somewhat above average athletic ability, though I don't possess intimidating size (which emboldens negro bullies), but I do have an athletic physique and black men feel that athleticism is something that is their domain and they should always have that over whitey.

When a white man might be better than them, they want to act out violently and prove they are stronger, usually acting out in racist violence. We've been seeing that dynamic playing out in professional sports for decades, mostly to the detriment of white athletes. When I outplayed blacks in basketball, which I often did, the elbows, pushing and cheap shots were often employed to put me in my place, with the background threat of their homeys dog piling on me if I used the same tactics.

It's not just a stare, I get the “threatening sound.” Happened just today on the bus, I felt the dagger look from a negro male when I boarded, and as I walked by him he emitted a threatening sound. It's usually that or some unintelligible muttering sounds.

I thought as I aged it would get better, they wouldn't care about an old man, but while I am 57 now, I can still pass for 20 years younger, still have all my hair and that athletic high school build (due to daily two-hour workouts in the gym and good genetics), so the threats from black men still continue.

I have stood up to them in the past and thanks to years of martial arts and boxing, have no fear of physical confrontation but also realize you can have only so many fights with blacks before you, as a white, will be considered a racist, notwithstanding that the blacks are always the instigators and the true racists.

According to liberal ideology, a white standing up to racist blacks = racist.

Even more important, though I may look younger when you're over 50 you don't even want to take a chance on getting injured. Plus, when you're planning an early retirement and have been saving and planning for years to prepare you actually have something to lose. Negroes rarely do, and live only for seeing what they can take from whitey.

So basically, you grit your teeth and put up with it because blacks, with nothing to lose, have the freedom to wage low intensity harassment against whites with impunity.

On top of all that, racist negro agitators get to coin absurdities like “microaggressions,” which get picked up by the media and turned into legitimate English words. What is ignored is the reality of “macroaggressions” against whites practiced by negroes on a daily basis.

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