Sunday, October 29, 2017

Chicago: White NBA Player Nikola Mirotic, Whose Face Black Supremacist “Teammate” Bobby Portis Shattered, is a Big Party Pooper! Oddly, Mirotic Does Not Find It is Time to Move on, and Put Racist Near-Murder Behind Him


Hate crime victim, Nikola Mirotic

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By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Saturday, October 28, 2017 at 1:10:00 P.M. EDT

Portis/Mirotic Update: Mirotic Says “It's him or me.”

(CHICAGO TRIBUNE) The mess that is the Bobby Portis-Nikola Mirotic saga continued Thursday.

As has been the case since Portis drew an eight-game suspension for breaking two bones in Mirotic's face and causing a concussion with an Oct. 17 practice punch, it overshadowed the on-court happenings as the Bulls avoided their first 0-4 start in 10 years with a 91-86 victory over the Hawks.

[Correction: Bobby Portis did not hit Nikola Mirotic with a “practice punch.” Rather Portis slugged Mirotic during practice.]

First, coach Fred Hoiberg said Mirotic didn't get cleared via the league's concussion protocol after visiting a specialist on Wednesday.

Then, sources said Mirotic's camp has made clear to management that Mirotic wouldn't veto a trade, a change of heart for the forward who long has professed his and his family's desire to remain in Chicago. Mirotic has the right to veto a trade because the two-year, $27 million deal he signed in restricted free agency has a team option on the second year.

[“A change of heart.” That’s a disgusting way to put it. Maybe getting beaten almost to death by a racist black “teammate” had something to do with that. Ya think?]

Whatever happens, this development speaks to the widespread belief surrounding the situation that Mirotic and Portis can't co-exist moving forward. [“Moving forward” is a superfluous phrase. “Whatever happens, this development speaks to the widespread belief surrounding the situation that Mirotic and Portis can't co-exist.”] In fact, one source said the situation is playing out toward a "me or him" trade demand.

Mirotic can't be traded until Jan. 15.

GRA: The way this is starting, with the Bulls getting on Mirotic's case about concussion protocol, is not a good sign for Mirotic. If the Bulls choose to keep Portis over Nikola, I will drop them as a team to root for. I loved the Bulls since 1970, when they had a great team consisting of Jerry Sloan, Norm VanLier, Tom Boerwinkle, Chet Walker and Bob Love. Some lean years after they moved on, but by 1984, it was Jordan time. If they keep Portis I will wash my hands of them—EASILY.

N.S.: I’d like to see Mirotic hit both the Bulls and the NBA with a civil rights lawsuit for oh, about $100 million. I know it’s not happening, but a fellow can dream, can’t he?


Would the Bow Tie Brigade's Bobby Portis kill to start in the NBA?


Chicago guy said...

Whether in this case or what's been going on in the NFl, one well established pattern emerges yet again and that's of blacks taking down whatever institution they happen to be a major part of. Think about it, the NFL is going downhill because of it's reliance on black employees, the NBA has driven people away because of it's criminal-thug aura and so on. Schools, neighborhoods, almost everything, the principle remains the same. Can't say I feel sorry for the team owners though. Team sports have become rotten and corrupt, a harmful influence upon popular culture.

Anonymous said...

There was a time when someone like Portis would be taken care of with a bit of street justice. Baseball bat, meet kneecaps.