Sunday, October 29, 2017

USA Today Deceives Readers Looking for Balance on White Lives Matter Rally

By Nicholas Stix

The headline of Nancy De Gennaro’s thing, is “White Lives Matter rally: Rally-goers on both sides weigh in on weapons ban,” and yet, every single person she interviews is identified as a “counter-protester” (Communist rioter, or supporter of Communist rioters).

Jennifer Edwards
Brandon Curran
Mike Cannon


Anonymous said...

The Atlanta TV stations are reporting on the "White Supremacist" gathering.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Caught this on the Justice Network: Guess what race the most prolific serial arsonist is? Yup, you guessed it, Thomas Sweatt is a black man who set over 300 fires in his career.
Arrested in 2005 he had been active for 20 yrs. Arson is one of those things that blacks like to believe whitey does but as usual, like serial killing, mass killing, sexual violence, child rape and murder in general it's the black man that turns out to be tops at or highly over represented.

The wiki article passingly mention that 3 people were killed in his decades long career but the Justice Network feature mentioned that many more people were likely killed by his fires than has been officially documented. For some reason the police seemed apathetic about tallying the true extent of his rampage. It was mentioned that Sweatt knew that people would be killed by his fires and murder was part of his intention. Also, he was a homosexual that was obsessed with men in uniform and there was a sexual component in the fires he set. This makes Sweatt, yet another, black serial killer but he won't be categorized as such.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Followup on the murder of the transgender teen by a black and black/hispanic tag team. Amazingly I spotted a headline article in the New York Times with the words "hate crime" in the title:
I wasn't certain if this one was even going to make a blip on the national radar but at least one major publication is giving it a mention. A quick google search revealed that no other mainstream media outlet is giving this coverage as a hate crime though. In fact, I could only find a few token mentions of this at all in any major outlets. "" had an article that stated: This case has sparked a national debate.
Really? Where? There hasn't been a peep in the local media in my town and there's been no reports of any marches, protests or "emergency hate crime action committees" being formed. No indication of any excessive internet hoopla either, it needs to go beyond local coverage in order to impact on national consciousness. Possible the case could gather momentum but I still suspect the usual agitators are going to stay relatively muted about this one because they don't have evil heterosexual white males to target.
Interestingly, the NY Time article mentions the Iowas county Johnson lived in was predominantly white, and that he was accepted and well liked, despite being transgender. Ironic (or predictable), the two murdering homophobes amongst all those whites turn out to be black men.

One more thing that occurs to me. The story is that the two men picked up Johnson in their car because they thought he was female and were interested in a sexual encounter, then killed him out of rage when they "discovered" he was male. There are some pictures of Johnson and while he appears to be an effeminate male and might pass as a possible female at a distance, any kind of close inspection would quickly reveal the truth. If these two guys actually had sex with him they knew damn well and good he was a bio male before it happened. They would have known as soon as he got in the car but continued on anyways. Watch these two closet cases desperately try to protect their "black male" hetero images by pushing the "it he fault coz' he fooled us".

Anonymous said...

Two signs that white Grand Rapidians have lost the war for their city--officially:
1)At the next meeting,city commissioners will bring up a "don't ask" policy concerning the immigration status of Mexican lawbreakers.Similar to other cities in Michigan,like Lansing,the only exception will be in the hiring process--the least likely scenario a Mexican will even ATTEMPT!!!Job app?yes--they'll check status,crime stop--no,you're fine.
Not so coincidentally,white police chief David Rahinsky announced this week,he is a finalist for the same job, in a city in Florida (population 1600).
I don't blame him one iota.His black understudy,has been getting a lot of airtime the last year--you'd swear he's running the place already.I'll bet Rahinsky is digging into his savings account,to tip the balance of the decision more to his favor. Poor news for us beleaguered white folks-in both stories.
--GR Anonymous