Saturday, October 21, 2017

Another Racist NBA Attack, Another Cover-Up!


Vic Nikola Mirotic

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 1:43:00 A.M. EDT

Black Chicago Player Assaults White Teammate--No Publicity, No Major Repercussions, Either, as Nickoli Mirotic is Significantly Injured by Black Teammate, Bobby Portis

(ESPN) CHICAGO -- Bobby Portis has apologized to his Bulls teammates for getting into a fight that left Nikola Mirotic with facial fractures and a concussion.

"He didn't address us today, but he did address the team before so that was taken care of," Bulls swingman Justin Holiday said after Friday's practice.

Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg acknowledged that Portis' apology took place during a team meeting but did not want to go into specific details about his message.

"I'll keep that between the team," Hoiberg said, "as far as exactly what was said in that meeting."

Portis, who has declined to speak to the media for now, practiced Friday for the first time since Tuesday's incident. He was suspended eight games for punching Mirotic.

"It was good to have him back in here," Hoiberg said of Portis. "Obviously everybody's looking forward to getting Niko back in here as well, hopefully soon."

Mirotic, who was not in the building, is expected to miss at least four weeks because of his injuries.

GRA: This is hardly being mentioned anywhere. I accidently ran into it and the first question is: How is Bobby Portis not in jail for assault and battery? The incident is being kept quiet by the Bulls—as it's an obvious racial blow-up. How can Mirotic—an excellent white shooter—imported from Europe, play on the same team as Portis? One of them has got to go, before Mirotic comes back from his injuries. I'll keep you posted when that occurs.


Perp Bobby Portis. TMZ: “Bobby Portis is paying the price for his brutal punch on Bulls teammate Nikola Mirotic ... as the team has slapped him with an 8-game ban.” Price? What price?

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Anonymous said...

"He didn't address us today, but he did address the team before so that was taken care of,"

Mirotic his career over. The rest of the colored players will say they cannot be on the court with him and that will be that.

Anyhow, who wants to watch one team of negroes chase another team of negroes up and down a court after a ball.