Thursday, December 01, 2016

Wheel of Misfortune (Political Cartoon)


Anonymous said...

The Crusaders are always shown as the bad guys too.

Anonymous said...

Prez-elect on his victory tour is having a blast recapping election night...making fun of Radditz and Todd and others.He loves the crowd,the crowd loves him.He must have missed the campaigning and speaking with the crowds.The feedback from the audience is intoxicating.
I know I missed seeing him do his daily "shoot from the hip" monologue.I wondered if he'd ever do that kind of speech again.
He did and it was good to see and listen to.Check in with us again every so often sir.It'll be good for everyone--except maybe Rosie,DeGeneres,Colbert and the others.But it was fun for the rest of us.
--GR Anonymous