Thursday, December 15, 2016

News About the Mystery of Lawrence Auster’s Unpublished, Posthumous Work

By Nicholas Stix

[See, by this writer:

“Remembering Lawrence Auster, After a Year.”]

I checked up on how Larry’s death is faring at Google. If memory serves, when he was alive, Google typically showed 100,000 hits for him. The current number is down to 30,500. Typical Google mischief with a political enemy. At this rate, in a couple more years, Google will his numbers down to 10,000 or less.

The dominant search engine suppresses my numbers, as well as many other people’s. Several years ago, when my Web presence was a fraction what it now is, Google showed me with 50,000-70,000 entries. Over the past couple of years, it has reduced my hits to 30,000-40,000.

Consider that a couple of years ago, I had no tweets. Now, I have over 50,000, and on November 14, I got over 1,000,000 “impressions” (the Twitter equivalent of page views) on a single day. Tweets can be followed via Google. Also, I now have over 11,000 posts on my primary blog (here), whereas when my Google numbers were at their highest, I had maybe 1,000 posts.

Google has even bragged about its manipulation of search results.

As for the manuscript that Larry had written during the 1990s, and which he was working on at the end of his life:

From The Thinking Housewife:

Here is the complicated saga of the book so far: The roughly 800-page manuscript, which I and another VFR reader edited over a period of six months or so (there were many versions of various chapters that needed to be sorted out and melded), was, I believed, to be published this summer by Arktos Press. John Morgan of Arktos had shown interest shortly after Mr. Auster’s death in March, 2013, so had the publisher Social Contract, to whom Mr. Auster had sent chapters right before his death. I also sent it to another publisher I thought would be great for his work, with a wide circulation and very similar issues. I was sure he would accept it, but it was refused. I believed Arktos was the best choice under the circumstances. (Peter Brimelow also generously offered to publish it, but Mr. Auster’s closest personal friend vetoed that idea and I felt bound to respect that judgment.)

N.S.: Thus, Larry’s book could have already been published, and on its way to selling a few thousand copies. Never underestimate the roles of pettiness and spite in human affairs.

A few months ago, a gentile friend (GF1) tells me the following Larry Auster story. (I hope I remembered it correctly.) He goes to an affair, which both Larry and a Jewish former friend of Larry’s and mine (JFF1) attended. This must have been during the last year of Larry’s life, because while I had broken with JFF1 several years earlier, he had only recently broken with him. JFF1 tells GF1, “You’re the last person in the world to still be friends with both Larry Auster and Nicholas Stix.”


David In TN said...

I'm not surprised Larry didn't want Peter Brimelow to publish his book. Lawrence Auster could be very prickly.

Thanks for the anecdote.

From time to time this year I've thought about Larry. I corresponded with him the last dozen years of his life. Can you imagine what Lawrence Auster would have written at VFR had he still been with us in 2016?

Anonymous said...

Why not try Castilia House?

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
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