Thursday, December 08, 2016

Hate Speech? A Tale of Two Flyers


Anonymous said...

The flyer on the right probably a hoax as done by lefty bolshevik agitators.

Anonymous said...

I can't claim personal responsibility for causing it,but it appears CNBC's news site has eliminated its blog section.I haven't commented on the site since the election,but there were some blistering comments that I jotted down against pro Clinton forces prior to Nov 8th..Most of my attacks were against CNBC--and the obvious bias they showed on a daily basis.
Now it's over.Not even comments allowed on durable goods orders or oil TV did the same after I joined the conversation for a few weeks.
The lesson learned here is:Networks have the right of free speech--to broadcast irresponsibly slanted and untrue stories,but the public can't comment on them.
--GR Anonymous