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Berlin’s Christkindlmarkt, after the Moslem massacre

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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Finally an arrest in the Hopewell church burning. The perp is named Andrew McClinton and he turned out to be...drum roll please... a negro!!!!
Anybody out there surprised? One has to wonder why it took months for the FBI to crack this case, personally I think they knew who it was from week one but for some reason waited months before making an arrest. I've been scanning through the headlines and spotted a few backpage mentions in MSNBC and a couple of other mainstream outlets but mostly it's offbeat news sources and some conservative groups reporting on this. It just hit the news so we'll see if any of the big new players will give this any headline coverage, maybe a couple will but I think it's mostly just going to get the usual "token" mention, nothing remotely like the massive hysterical coverage it got when they thought it was a "hate crime". Well, it is a hate crime, one that was committed by a racist negro who hates whites.

Note the smile on McClinton's face. He think he gettin' away with one. Sad truth is that he kind of is. He's probably dumber than a Q-tip but still realizes that his act is successfully contributing to the current hate crime hoax hysteria.