Friday, December 23, 2016

CBS News Gets Caught Trying to Railroad a White Cop


Brea Hymond and Jacqueline Craig wait to get released after getting arrested by police. Courtesy S. Lee Merritt

Fun and Games, and Littering and Cop-Baiting in Fort Worth
By Grand Rapids Anonymous


I switched from Lesta Holt (NBC News) to Scott Pelley (CBS News) to get AWAY from this stuff, but noooooo, it's on the Colored Broadcasting System, as well. This is from NBC’s website:

“A white Texas police officer whose ‘violent’ [GRA: my quote marks] arrest of three black women went viral when it hit the internet was placed on restricted duty Thursday while an internal investigation is under way, officials said.

The Fort Worth Police Department did not identify the officer, who was caught [?] on camera wrestling at least two of the women to the ground and pointing a Taser at another person.

[Unless the cop was committing a crime or otherwise engaged in misconduct, he wasn’t “caught on camera” doing anything. But CBS News just got caught trying to railroad a white cop.]

"‘We acknowledge that the initial appearance of the video may raise serious questions,’ the department said in a statement. ‘We ask that our investigators are given the time and opportunity to thoroughly examine this incident and submit their findings.

“That means that for now the most vivid account of what happened on Wednesday is the footage recorded by a cousin of one of the arrested women, identified by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram as Porsha Carver.

"‘Since this is an internal investigation, state law limits the information that may be released, including the officer's body cam footage,’ the police said. ‘We ask our community for patience and calm during this investigation process.

“The confrontation erupted after Jacqueline Craig called the Fort Worth Police department to report that her 7-year-old son was choked by a white neighbor, the NBC Dallas-Fort Worth reported.

“In the video, the responding officer can be seen talking to the neighbor, who claimed that Craig's son left litter on his property and defied his request to pick it up, the affiliate reported.

“Then the officer turns to Craig and asks, ‘Why don't you teach your son not to litter?
“‘He can't prove to me that he did or didn't,’ a furious Craig replies. ‘But it doesn't matter. That doesn't give him the right to put his hands on him.

"‘Why not?’ the officer replies.

“When Craig's daughter Brea Hymond tries to get between them the officer tackles her.

“At one point, the officer is seen on the video pulling out his Taser as he wrestles Craig and Hymond to the ground. But it was not immediately clear if he used it or who he was aiming the device at.”

“The person recording the arrests can be heard swearing a blue streak in the background, calling the officer a ‘racist pig’ and worse.”

GRA: I watched the video and the black, 350-lb. Jemima is ridiculous from the get-go. The viewpoint of the black is that whitey is wrong--no matter what. The white neighbor, the white cop, and every other white person on earth. Make up your own mind, but there's no way "Two Ton Oprah" would have listened to anything that whitey would have said. She was looking for a fight. Maybe they should send Damon Wayans or Eddie Murphy to the ghetto. The blacks just can't act civilized enough in those situations with white cops.

Friday, December 23, 2016 at 5:42:00 PM EST


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine who is a retired school teacher said it is a bad idea to try to get in between two three-hundred black girls in 8th grade who are engaged in a fight over a boy. I am also told it is a sight to behold.

Truth-hammer said...

I read this site frequently, but this is my first time commenting. With my imminent retirement, I will be posting more frequently. Gotta get my retirement first so my (((employer))) can not take it, because my evil YT beliefs do not comport with (((their))) EO and PC nonsense.
This LEO should have taken their information and dismissed them and then moved on to the other party. He should know that this is still BRA and evil YT LEO's are easily expendable assets. Sounds like he had reached the end of his rope regards Bunqueeshas and Daquans.

Anonymous said...

Should be a TV show on BET called,"Black America's Fattest Ho Videos".
Many categories including "300 lb Aunt Jemima fights",the very rare "skinny black scarecrow weight category".Girls/Guys with knives,guns,hand grenades.I only ask one thing:
Keep it on BET and off regular network programming.It's bad enough they renewed "Black To Tell the Truth" on ABC and also renewed Michael Strahan, teething his way through the underwhelming "$20,000 PEERMID"--as he likes to pronounce it.
Odd that successful shows-with white hosts-like "The Newlywed Game"(Bob Eubanks/Sherrie Shephard),Who Wants To Be a Millionaire (Regis/Cedric the UNentertainer),"Let's Make a Deal (Monty Hall/Wayne Brady),"PEERMID","Black To Tell the Truth"(Garry Moore/Anthony Anderson),had to go black.Who decided that white people ONLY like to hear negroes flap their big lips on game shows?How did Drew Carey make the cut for "Price is Right"?Barker must have had some pull yet to decide on a white host.Those days seem gone.
Now I wonder which nig is going to replace Trebek and Sajak in the future?You know the execs are going to try to do it.
My guesses...Al Roker for WoF and Strahan moving to Jeopardy.I can also tell you what that scenario would spell for those two shows.
Buy a vowel Vanna:
"INSTANT CANCELLATION",as Cedric did to "Millionaire".
But in the meantime,have a happy holiday.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
If game shows like Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune go black with their hosts it will be interesting to see how the contestant racial quota will shift. Whenever a black host takes over the percentage of negro contestants goes up, always well beyond their 14% pop. representation. In the case of Family Feud negroes make up 50% of contestants. But that's the reality when you're dealing with negro math, 50% is equal to 14%.

In shows like Jeopardy or Wheel of fortune it's wits that matter, not so much luck, though Wheel does involve luck to a degree also. In order for negroes to look good they may have to change the type of questions on Jeopardy. I'm thinking they should have an ebonics category every game plus Afrocentrist fantasy history questions, plus they're going to have to dumb down the questions somewhat so negroes aren't embarrassed and make the pre game testing less stringent. You don't see a lot of blacks on Jeopardy and even less often are ones that have done well. I doubt Jeopardy or Wheel will start having every other contestant being black but the ratio will undoubtedly go up, however they have to do it.

Anonymous said...

Jerry pdx,correct analysis--and I forgot to mention "Family Feud"--good catch on that one.Shows how little that program registers for me nowadays."Jeopardy" could also go for someone like Lesta Holt to host.At least can read.Lol.
Blacks will never tune to "Jeopardy" in the ratings numbers producers of the show would like.Dumbing it down would drive whites away--as "Millionaire" proved.
The correct answer to this category is,"What is 'laissez-faire '...loosely translated to:Leave the show alone."
--GR Anonymous