Friday, December 02, 2016

The Clintonstein Monster Seeks to Disenfranchise Trump Voters, and Steal the Election: A Modern Politico-Horror Thriller

By Grand Rapids Anonymous


Trump's attorneys had filed an objection to Jill Stein's recount petition with the election commission of Michigan. Per the Michigan Secretary of State, those objections have just been rejected and a recount has now been cleared to begin early next week, barring any new legal actions over the weekend.

Stein lives to fight another day.

* * *
Jill Stein's hopes of completing hand recounts in WI, MI, and PA are fading fast. After a PA judge dismissed the recount petitions of several precincts in Montgomery County yesterday, today we find that the Michigan Attorney General, Bill Schuette, has filed a suit in Michigan to block her recount efforts there as well.

Bill Schuette, a Republican, said in a statement that recounting all of the state's votes in the Nov. 8 presidential election "threatens to silence all Michigan votes for President," and criticized Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein for what he called an "inexcusable" request.

Among other things, Schuette points out that with just around 1% of the vote in Michigan, Stein doesn't qualify as an "aggrieved" candidate, and is therefore not entitled to a recount. Meanwhile, he also notes that a hand recount would cost Michigan taxpayers millions, and put "voters at risk of being disenfranchised in the Electoral College."

As I've been noting, the goal is to drag this out and eliminate Trump's electoral votes. Nothing CLINTONSTEIN.

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