Saturday, December 03, 2016

We Must Always Focus on Ancient White Racism, Except When We Focus on Non-Existent, Contemporary White Racism!

By Nicholas Stix

During the mid-1990s, as blacks committed daily racist outrages by the thousands, Ted Koppel focused on a white race riot in Tulsa over 70 years in the past, on his show, Nightline.

I never saw Koppel devote any shows to black racism. When he did shows on race in the present, it was always to promote race hoaxes, like the show he devoted in 1999 to “racial profiling” and the NYPD, starring hoaxer (i.e., fake news reporter) Kevin Newman.

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Anonymous said...

I have to tell everyone about a fact that was just sent my way via a friend at the United States Postal Service.I ran into the guy at a local grocery and we started talking about where he still works (I took an early buyout 3 years ago).Since I left,according to the friend,"management has done nothing but hire blacks to work automation machines."I said,"How?"
"They discontinued the Civil Service Test."Lmao!!!
When I retired,after 34 years (I started young,lol),there were less than 15% blacks--now he says--"60%".
I said "Unbelievable.They probably don't a damn thing do they?"
"Just bitch,get into fights.Most get fired,come back,get fired again."
"It's a GHETTO,"I replied.
So another nod to the lower intelligence level of blacks.The USPS recognizes it--if no one else will admit it publicly.
---GR Anonymous