Sunday, December 04, 2016

Round ‘Em Up, Perp Walk ‘Em, and Prosecute ‘Em! Nearly 100 Communist Gangsters in Control of “Catholic Universities” Have Announced that They Will Conspire to Commit Federal Felonies, Harboring Illegal Aliens

By Reader-Researcher RC

Nearly 100 Catholic universities pledge support for undocumented [sic] students

"Catholic universities across the county banded together in solidarity with undocumented students as so-called sanctuary schools."

I was raised a credal Catholic.

This is just one more reason why I refuse to return to the Church.


Anonymous said...

Take away their tax exempt status. Like Al Sharpton said: "hit em' in the pocketbook."

Anonymous said...

Racketeering conspiracy? Two or more persons getting together and planning to violate a law as a group. Two or more persons.